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A computerized gaming apparatus is disclosed in which a card game, such as poker, is electronically simulated on a plurality of individual player consoles. Each of the player consoles is interconnected with a central computer unit which simulates and controls the game, and at the same time, tabulate ...

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A system and method for evaluating responses to broadcast programs, such as television programs, includes an instructional signal modulated onto a voice signal transmitted concurrently with the television program, or time-multiplexed with a television. At each of a plurality of remote receiving stat ...

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A guide wire for a catheter having a body portion comparatively high in rigidity and a distal end portion comparatively flexible.

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Fiber-optic sensors suitable for monitoring physiological analyte concentration. An analyte-permeable matrix is disposed in the light path defined by the axial core at one end of an optical fiber segment. The matrix contains an indicator molecule covalently linked to a polymer, preferably methyl met ...

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A video game controller which attaches to the user's upper body allowing the user to play a video game by leaning the upper body in any direction, simulating the movement of a joystick. The controller attaches to the user's upper back with an arrangement of straps and buckles. The tilt of the user's ...

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Methods are described for targeting the release of an active pharmacological agent in an animal by administering that agent encapsulated in proteinoid microspheres which are stable to the environment encountered from the point of introduction until they migrate to the targeted body organs, fluids or ...

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A blood letting lancet assembly for puncturing the skin of the finger tip for home use that causes less pain includes a mechanism for reproducibly orienting the assembly on the finger tip. The blade may be moved to any of a plurality of indexed positions within the device. By indexing the blade to t ...

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A user controlled card computer C and communicating tamper-resistant part T are disclosed that conduct secure transactions with an external system S. All communication between T and S is moderated by C, who is able to prevent T and S from leaking any message or pre-arranged signals to each other. Ad ...

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A multiple fluid delivery system usable for the delivery of intravenous fluids to a patient from a plurality of fluid sources includes flexible tubing members for coupling the sources to a fluid junction member. The fluid junction member, wherein little or no interfluid mixing occurs, is coupled by ...

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A removable inflatable beneficial agent delivery device that is adapted to reside in the stomach for a prolonged time period. The device comprises (1) an inflatable member which in its deflated state can be inserted into the stomach via a naso-gastric tube and which in its inflated state resides com ...