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A clamp for holding an article to an object including a base means for adhering the clamp to the object, a flap, securing means for securing the flap to the base with the article positioned therebetween and resilient pad having an adhesive surface for contacting the article. Resilient adhesive surfa ...

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The implantable electrochemical sensor for amperometric measurements in body liquids comprises at least one measurement electrode formed as a platinum wire, a reference electrode tubularly surrounding the measurement electrode and possibly made up of several parts and made of stainless steel contain ...

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Adapted for use in hotels, hospitals, and similar environments, the disclosed system allows numerous system users to operate user terminals at any of a plurality of locations to access a common library of audio-video data contained on a collection of record items such as, video tape cartridges, stor ...

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An endoscope is disclosed having a separable, disposable shaft where a push-pull mechanism, housed in liquid tight fashion in a control handle unit, is operable to actuate a shaft flexure means within the shaft effective deflect the distal end of the shaft.

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A nasal adaptor device and seal for delivering gases under pressure to the nasal airway of an individual including an aerodynamically contoured manifold to receive gases from an inlet and to divide the gases for flow to a pair of flange members, preferaly having a non-spherical curved "egg-shaped" s ...

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A soft tissue implant in the form of a meniscus cartilage replacement for a patient. Appropriately shaped top and bottom layers sandwich therebetween at least one intermediate felted layer. A resilient bonding material coats the layers and holds same in a laminated condition. The intermediate layer( ...

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A sensor of the enzyme-electrode type comprising an electrode and a membrane permeable to liquids and solutes which is positioned between the electrode and a specimen containing the analyte to be determined, is characterized by the fact that a layer of a porous material, positioned in the membrane b ...

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An improved electrocautery method and instrument is configured to accept attachable extension units for effectively extending the utility of the instrument into deep surgical sites. Interlock features enable the instrument to be safely configured to any desired length for use as a vacuum probe and a ...

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The tool and method for preparing for insertion into an eye an intraocular lens formed of a compressible material includes an elongated hollow chamber with an inlet end and an outlet end. An intraocular lens formed of a compressible material is extruded to a smaller size that fits in the elongated c ...

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The present invention provides a surface mount Gull-Wing type resin-encapsulating package for encapsulating a semiconductor chip, wherein the cut face (outer tip end) of each outer lead is formed to have a smaller cross-sectional area than that of each outer lead, for improving the extension of sold ...