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Apparatus for indicating a predisposition to kidney stone disease in humans, and also dehydration, and for monitoring the efficacy of hydration therapy, comprises a conductivity probe including a tip (11) which can be inserted into urine so that a drop thereof adheres to the tip, and display means f ...

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The invention relates to ophthalmological compositions for topical treatment of glaucoma or ocular hypertension comprising an effective intraocular pressure reducing amount of a prostaglandin derivative of PGA, PGB, PGD, PGE or PGF, in which the omega chain contains a ring structure, in an ophthalmo ...

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An assay employing a tracer comprising a ligand having a mercury label wherein mercury label is released from at least one of a bound or free tracer phase and interacts with a metal. Analyte is determined by a change in at least one property of the metal caused by such interaction. The invention als ...

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This invention relates to analogs of peptidase substrates in which the nitrogen atom of the scissile amide group of the substrate peptide has been replaced by a substituted malonyl moiety. The contemplated peptidase inhibitors of the foregoing enzymes are selected from the generic formula the hydrat ...

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A powder composition suitable for nasal administration comprising a physiologically active peptide as an active ingredient and a lactone of a water-soluble organic acid as an absorption promoter.

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A cash collection device for charitable donations comprises a coin recognition unit (6) into which the donations are inserted to fall into a collecting receptacle (4) locked within an outer casing (2). Data processing means (10) connected to the coin recognition unit validates each coin and incremen ...

Nash John: Blood pumping catheter.. Kensey Nash, April 18, 1990: EP0364293-A2 (58 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for pumping blood comprises a catheter to be located within the aorta (22) and having an end portion (26) to be located in spaced relation from the aortic valve (28). A rotary pump member (24) is disposed within a tubular portion (38) of the end portion (26) and is operated by a rotary dri ...

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A device for transluminal implantation or extraction of a substantially tubular, radially selfexpanding stent (27), comprising a central tube (3) surrounded by an exterior tube (5) axially displaceable relative to the central tube (3), and a plurality of axially extending spring members (21) attache ...

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A high density multi-channel array, electrically pulsed droplet deposition apparatus comprises a sheet (14) of piezoelectric material poled in a direction normal to said sheet and formed with a plurality of parallel channels (12) mutually spaced in an array direction normal to the length of said cha ...

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The invention relates to a polymer mixture which comprises an aromatic polycarbonate, a styrene-containing copolymer and/or a styrene-containing graft polymer and a flame-retardant. It has been found that the use of a certain type of flame-retardants, namely oligomeric phosphates leads to a polymer ...