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A transcatheter occluding intracardiac defect device comprises a folding poly-urethane foam with Teflon coated wire skeleton, introducible into a long vascular sheath and automatically unfolded upon delivery in the distal to the defect cardiac chamber. A two mm string loop is attached to the center ...

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A network for sensing, communcating and controlling including a plurality of cells. Each cell is identified by a permanent, unique identification number. Groups of cells are programmed to perform group functions and are assigned group identification numbers. Communication is performed via a medium u ...

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The present invention comprises a light emitting diode formed in silicon carbide and that emits visible light having a wavelength of between about 475-480 nanometers, or between about 455-460 nanometers, or between about 424-428 nanometers. The diode comprises a substrate of alpha silicon carbide ha ...

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A guidewire assembly particularly suitable for valvuloplasty procedures have an outer tubular member a first shapable core member fixed within the outer member and a second stiffer core member which is axially movable within the out tubular member. The first core member preferably has a double curva ...

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The intervertebral prosthesis provides a replacement for a damaged disk. The prosthesis is formed as a solid body of kidney-shape and is provided with a metal mesh covering for the ingrowth of tissue. Raised parts are formed on the opposite surfaces of the kidney-shaped body impart lateral stability ...

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A housing having a channel is provided with a slotted, elastomeric valve body dividing the channel. The slotted valve body is biased in the closed position by a metal spring. If the valve body's material loses resiliency, the spring guarantees that the valve takes its closed position, even if the va ...

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An improved automatic rearview mirror system which is particularly adapted for use with automotive vehicles and which may be utilized as a fully integrated inside/outside rearview mirror system or as an inside or an outside rearview mirror system. The system includes a variable reflectance member th ...

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An in vivo imaging device is provided for producing real-time images of small, moving or stationary cavities and surrounding tissue structure. The imaging device includes a probe assembly of very small dimensions and preferably sufficiently small to fit within cavities having a diameter on the order ...

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Devices, kits and methods for non-suture end-to-end and end-to-side anastomosis of tubular tissue members employ tubular connection members having clip retaining elements comprising annular groove or flanges in the connection members; and spring clips which comprise a ring-shaped body with separable ...

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A modular wafer processing machine is provided which is based on interconnected handling units having wafer handling arms. Each unit can pass a wafer to another unit in the same vacuum environment to a processing module.