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A method for setting a sound recording level by reproducing a signal recorded on a recording disk (1) is provided in which a playing operation and a track jumping operation are alternately performed by a disk playing unit (A). During each playing operation, peak values of the audio signal recorded o ...

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A SOI-nMOS-structure is cooled such that a charge is maintained in a cavity (5) of such structure for a long period of time. Applications comprise memory element.

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This invention relates to analogs of peptidase substrates in which the nitrogen atom of the scissile amide gorup of the substrate peptide has been replaced by H or a substituted carbonyl moiety. The contemplated peptidase inhibitors of the foregoing enzymes are selected from the generic formula R1NH ...

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An intraocular lens insertion instrument (10) including a holder (12) for holding a folded optic and a plunger (28) having an enlarged head (32) for forcing the folded optic from the holder while a haptic of the lens is protected from damage in a space within the holder created by a portion of the p ...

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A safety control system for power operated equipment ensures operator safety by immediately disconnecting or reversing the power drive from a power driven rotating member such as a circular blade of a meat trimming knife or a toothed feed shaft of a meat skinning machine, upon a metal conductive glo ...

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A transaction authentication system comprises a terminal (9, 20), a first memory (12, 18) and an IC card (1, 21, 51) which is detachably loaded into the terminal. The terminal supplies at least a transaction data which is related to a transaction and a designated storage region in a second memory (3 ...

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A water soluble human rhinovirus (HRV) major receptor preparation comprising detergent-complexed glycoprotein isolated from animal cells, preferably mammalian cells, that express the HRV major receptor and which exhibits the ability to bind to HRV capsids to substantially reduce infectivity of the v ...

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Proliferated human fetal pancreatic cells comprising a mixture containing proliferated human fetal pancreatic islet progenitor cells, the proportion of pancreatic islet progenitor cells to exocrine and fibroblast cells being substantially greater than in fetal pancreas. The mixture can be in a cultu ...

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A system intended for being at least partly implanted into a living body and comprising at least two modules or devices (10, 42) which are interconnected by a communication transmission channel, at least one of said modules (10) being provided with transmitting (27) and receiving (26) means for a bi ...

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The present invention relates to LFA-1 alpha-subunit which is involved in the process through which cell recognize and migrate to sites of inflammation as well as attach to cellular substrates during inflammation. The invention is directed toward such molecules, the functional derivatives of such mo ...