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A handheld pocket terminal (22) having a display screen (40) and a bar code reader (42).

David T Green: Surgical stapler apparatus with tissue shield. United States Surgical Corporation, Peter G Dilworth, Rocco S Barrese, Thomas R Bremer, April 10, 1990: US04915100 (345 worldwide citation)

An improved surgical stapler for simultaneously applying a plurality of surgical fasteners to body tissue incorporating a flexible resilient U-shaped shield mounted to and around the end of the anvil assembly for separating extraneous body tissue from tissue to be fastened, and for preventing extran ...

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An adaptive moisture sensor system includes a moisture sensor unit having a moisture sensor, which produces a moisture signal, a reference signal generating circuit and a comparator circuit for comparing the moisture signal with the reference signal and for producing an indication to the vehicle's w ...

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A respiratory apparatus including an air filter; a hose connected to the filter; a nose-connected breathing pipe connected with the hose and having two inhaling valves formed on two side openings of the pipe, two nostril connectors protruding rearwardly from the pipe to fluidically connect to a wear ...

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The present invention provides a distributed antenna system comprising a primary antenna (14A, 16A) and a plurality of secondary antennas (36, 40), a fibre optic network (20, 22) connected between the primary antenna (14A, 16A) and the secondary antennas (36, 40), first means (16, 44) associated wit ...


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An apparatus utilizes a two-mode optical waveguide with a non-circular core to provide stable spatial intensity patterns in both propagation modes for light propagating therein. The light has a wavelength, and the non-circular core has cross-sectional dimensions selected such that (1) the waveguide ...

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A dynamic multiple instruction stream, multiple data, multiple pipeline (MIMD) apparatus simultaneously executes more than one instruction associated with a multiple number of instruction streams utilizing multiple data associated with the multiple number of instruction streams in a multiple number ...

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A technique is described for performing a fast write operation. A host write request, which would normally be serviced by an immediate physical write to a data storage device, is instead written to cache and nonvolatile storage in the data storage device controller. Then, the controller signals the ...

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A structure for, and method of making, thin films of Group I-III-VI compound semiconductors such as copper indium diselenide for use in heterojunction photovoltaic devices fabricated on metal substrates. An interfacial film containing gallium is first deposited upon the substrate. Thereafter, copper ...