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Synthetic Bacillus thuringiensis toxin genes designed to be expressed in plants at a level higher than naturally-occurring Bt genes are provided. These genes utilize codons preferred in highly expressed monocot or dicot proteins.

Ishii Toshikazu, Sako Norimitsu: Semicoductor memory circuit.. Kawasaki Steel Co, March 21, 1990: EP0359551-A2 (122 worldwide citation)

There is provided a semiconductor memory circuit, which is capable of changing the number of bits of one word thereof and of switching between a RAM function and a FIFO function, by an external control signal (FOM), changing an effective data length and an effective address length on the basis of th ...

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An ultrasonic imaging agent is produced by a continuous sonication processing of an aqueous solution of heat-denaturable biocompatible protein. The solution is carefully preheated to a temperature of incipient protein denaturation without forming insolubilized protein. A gaseous fluid, preferably ai ...

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Covalently-linked complexes (CLCs) for targeting a defined population of cells, comprising a targeting protein; a cytotoxic agent; and an enhancing moiety, wherein the enhancing moiety is capable of promoting CLC-target cell interaction are disclosed. Methods for using the claimed CLCs to obtain enh ...

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Wide band gap, single conductivity type semiconductor light-emitting diodes (LED's) (90) feature a bias potential across the device below that required for carrier multiplication by avalanche breakdown, together with separate means for carrier introduction, such as an electron beam or a pn junction ...

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Pharmaceutical compositions comprising a cyclosporin, e.g. Ciclosporin or [Nva]-Ciclosporin, in "microemulsion pre-concentrate" and microemulsion form. The compositions typically comprise (1.1) a C1-5 alkyl or tetrahydrofurfuryl di- or partial-ether of a low molecular weight mono- or poly-oxy-alkane ...

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A mouthpiece is disclosed which comprises an inner layer material (2, 2a, 2b) put on an inside surface of an outer layer material (1) which is substantially U-shaped so as to cover a row of teeth in a loosely fitted state. The inner layer material comprises an ethylene vinyl-acetate copolymer having ...

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A method and apparatus (10) for determining accurately the location of the tip (14) of a catheter (16) inside biological tissue is disclosed including a locator (34) having a coil (38) wound axially on a core (36) and a detector (12) in the form of a coil (28) wound on a core (24) removably position ...

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Light emitting panel assemblies (2) and method of making same include one or more layers (10) of woven fiber optic material having disruptions or bends (15) at discrete locations along the length of the fibers to allow light to be emitted therefrom. Only selected areas of the disruptions or bends ar ...

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This invention relates to a novel absorbent structure and absorbent products containing this absorbent structure. More particularly, the absorbent structure of this invention contains a high-loft, bulky, low-density cover layer (10), a higher density transfer layer (20), a very high density, retenti ...