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A system for creating discount coupons in response to the purchases of products. Improvements disclosed include the printing of a "negative" coupon in response to the failure to purchase a particular product, and the printing of a coupon in response to the purchase of multiple triggering items, eith ...

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A disposable absorbent article for absorbing liquids, particularly body fluids such as urine. An absorbent core is encased in an outer covering layer to which flaps are connected along the longitudinal sides at a proximal edge. The flaps also have a distal edge which is displaced from the absorbent ...

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A balloon catheter utilizing a perfusion balloon at one end thereof is described. The perfusion balloon has a donut shaped cross section having a central opening formed therethrough. The central opening provides a blood flow passage even when the balloon is fully inflated. When inflated, the perfusi ...

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Apparatus permitting viewing of traffic conditions to the rear and side of a motor vehicle, which has opposite sides, comprises:

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Electrochemical biosensor systems or apparatus, components thereof, and methods for quantitatively measuring or assaying concentrations of selective substrates or metabolites in aqueous media as a function of electrochemical response to hydrogen peroxide concentration, using immobilized enzyme elect ...

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Disclosed herein is a hemostasis valve which is formed of a longitudinally extended valve housing having a first opening and a central longitudinal passage communicating with an opposite second opening. A cap means is providied for enclosing the first opening of the housing, said cap means having a ...

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A continuously variable transmission includes a power input driving a sun gear which in turn drives a plurality of planetary gears. Within each planetary gear is mounted an over-rolling clutch. The planet gear is free to rotate about its raceway in one direction and is locked from rotation in the op ...

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A computer network for use in the game of golf includes a central computer communicatively connected to a plurality of local master computers. Each local master computer transfers and receives golf related information to and from a plurality of mobile modules carried along by the golfer on the golf ...

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Observation assisting forceps wherein a shaft member is retractably inserted through a hollow sheath, a plurality of linear members given a characteristic of expanding on the tip sides are provided at the front end of this shaft member and spherical parts are provided at the tips of the respective l ...

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A new method of making a form fill bag having a reclosable fastener thereon and a mechanism therefor wherein a continuous length of film is advanced and joined first and second fastener profile strips are laid laterally onto the film of a length substantially equal to one-half of the film width, the ...