Lesoin Francis: Inter-spinal-body device for holding a normal spacing between two vertebrae. Fabrication Materiel Orthopedi, March 16, 1990: FR2636227-A1 (47 worldwide citation)

This device, intended for holding a normal spacing between two vertebrae separated by a gap coming from at least partial extraction of one vertebra, comprises two end parts 1, 2 provided with spikes 7 for anchoring in the vertebral bodies, a central rod 5 received in notches 8, 9 in the pieces 1, 2 ...

Ferronniere Michel Jean Franco: Elongate component of high mechanical strength, and its method of manufacture. Peyrard, Zodiac, March 16, 1990: FR2636386-A1 (19 worldwide citation)

Elongate component of high mechanical strength, particularly a crank for a cycle pedal and bottom bracket assembly of the type consisting of filaments of a material with a high modulus of elasticity wound between two end inserts, these filaments being embedded in a polymerized synthetic resin, chara ...

Stafford Jay M: Ensemble de vis prisonniere. Rexnord Holdings, March 16, 1990: FR2636384-A1 (13 worldwide citation)

Ensemble de vis prisonnière pour empêcher d'enlever totalement une vis 11 d'un logement ou d'une autre pièce. L'ensemble comporte un logement 21 ayant un trou 19 et une collerette annulaire 23 se projetant vers l'intérieur dans le trou à un emplacement espacé des deux extrémités du trou. Une vis 11 ...


Sawaguchi Ikuo, Omi Kiyonubi: Procede et appareil de nettoyage du blanchet dune presse dimprimerie. Nikka, March 16, 1990: FR2636268-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

L'appareil comporte un tissu de nettoyage, un rouleau 28 d'enroulement du tissu de nettoyage 30, un patin presseur 24 destiné à presser le tissu de nettoyage contre la surface du cylindre de blanchet 12 à nettoyer et un dispositif de rebobinage destiné à rebobiner le tissu de nettoyage usé du roulea ...

Method of synchronisation for the multiplexing of words in a fibre optics star communication network. Abiven Jacques, Rahyer Alain, March 16, 1990: FR2636482-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

The method according to the invention is intended in particular to be implemented in fibre optics service networks in which communication between a central station 1 and a plurality of subscriber installations 3 is of the communal simplex type. In these networks, the subscriber installations are gen ...

Junino Alex, Lang Gerard, Vandenbossche Jean Jacques: Procede de teinture des fibres keratiniques avec un monohydroxyindole associe a un iodure et compositions mises en oeuvre. Oreal, March 16, 1990: FR2636235-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

Procédé de teinture des fibres kératiniques consistant à appliquer sur ces fibres une composition A contenant au moins un colorant indolique de formule :(CF DESSIN DANS BOPI)où R1 = H ou alkyle en C1 -C4 ;

Collibault Joseph Rene: Machine for dispensing fodder. Crms Sarl, March 16, 1990: FR2636204-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a machine for dispensing fodder of the type comprising an enclosure 1 having at least one opening 10 for the insertion of fodder and provided with a conveyor belt 2 for conveying the fodder from the opening towards untangling and dispensing members, characterised in ...

Karnopp Dean C, Yasui Yoshiyuki: Dispositif et procede pour maintenir la stabilite dun vehicule. Aisin Seiki, March 16, 1990: FR2636288-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

La stabilité d'un véhicule en mouvement est maintenue en mesurant la vitesse réelle de son flottement ainsi que la vitesse désirée pour le flottement. Un signal de sortie est produit en réponse à la comparaison des vitesses réelle et désirée du flottement. L'angle des roues orientables 12 du véhicul ...

Roy Philippe, Bouveret Jean Michel: Control device for an automatic gear box, particularly for a motor vehicle. Peugeot, Citroen, March 16, 1990: FR2636396-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

This device is characterised in that it includes means 1 for selecting the main operating mode of the gear box, namely parking P, reverse R, neutral N and drive D, and means 3 for selecting the permitted ratios in drive, connected to a central unit 2 for processing information and for controlling me ...