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An analytical separation device in which a capillary sized conduit is formed by a channel in a semiconductor device and the channel is closed by a glass plate. Electrodes are positioned in the channel and to activate the motion of liquids through the conduit by electroosmosis.

Michael R Levine: VCR Programmer. Krass & Young, March 13, 1990: US04908713 (585 worldwide citation)

A system for programming the automatic operation of a video recorder over an extended time period uses an associated television receiver as a display device for alphanumeric messages to the operator to provide a self-explanatory, interactive programming routine. The video recorder system includes a ...

Eric R Cosman: Automatic over-temperature control apparatus for a therapeutic heating device. Richard J Birch, March 13, 1990: US04907589 (585 worldwide citation)

The use of radio frequency currents to heat and destroy neurological tissues is well known in the field of neurosurgery and typically involves monitoring of the tissue temperature as it is being heated by an in-dwelling electrode. This patent deals with an apparatus and method which enables the oper ...

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A system for video recorder programming using existing television broadcast teletext transmissions. The programs required are chosen from schedules displayed on teletext pages, the necessary control information is loaded automatically into a video recorder, and program labels are transmitted to ensu ...

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A medical investigative system in which a person interacts with the system to interject information that is utilized by the system to establish non-restricted environmental modeling of the realities of surrogate conditions to be encountered with invasive or semi-invasive procedures. This is accompli ...

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In a method of the present invention, a wire stent, having a cylindrical shape defined by a series of alternating longitudinally overlapping opposing loops, is fabricated from a wire formed into a planar serpentine configuration. The wire is centered over a semi-cylindrical trough in a flat plate an ...

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There is provided a system and methodology for identifying the heaviest product purchasers who regularly use coupons and determining their promotional behavior response patterns of which involves initially preparing a list of names and addresses of consumers who are the most likely heaviest product ...

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A surgical instrument for installing a plurality of interlocking coupling members forming a compression anastomosis assembly, particularly suitable for use in achieving anastomosis of a resected tubular organ, with the instrument having a cutting portion designed and configured for rotational moveme ...

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A method for modifying tissue with a quasi-continuous laser beam to change the optical properties of the eye comprises controllably setting the volumetric power density of the beam and selecting a desired wavelength for the beam. Tissue modification is accomplished by focusing the beam at a preselec ...

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A system for selectively effecting operation of a copying or facsimile machine in accordance with the textual content of a scanned document. The system includes an optical character reader which generates scanned character code signals representative of characters comprising at least a portion of th ...