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Compounds of the form, A-G-B-B-J wherein A is an amine protecting group not useful or commonly employed in peptide synthesis, G a dipeptide isostere, B an amino acid or analog thereof, and J a small terminal group are described. These compounds are useful in the inhibition of HIV protease, the preve ...

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A multimedia bidirectional broadcast system including a broadcast station (115) and subscriber terminals (116). The broadcast station (115) includes a main control unit (106) having therein a data base control table (134) in which program and commercial down load sequences are recorded depending on ...

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A guidewire (1) for a catheter comprises a wire coil (2) having a distal end and a optical fiber (5) having a distal end and extending axially through the center of the wire coil. The distal end of the optical fiber is bonded to the distal end of the wire coil.

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An optical device is manufactured by providing a disc-shaped body of a light-conducting material on a plane surface of a disc-shaped carrier body, after which the light-conducting material is ground mechanically to a thickness which exceeds the desired ultimate layer thickness by at least 50 mu m, a ...

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The present invention relates to an electrochromic device which comprises a first electrode layer, an intermediate layer including an electrochromic layer, a second electrode layer; said first electrode layer, said intermediate layer and said second electrode layer being laminated in succession, and ...

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To prevent contact with the wound, a semi-rigid cylindrical hollow open-ended collar (B) is mounted to an adhesive label (A) by a flexible sheet (D). The sheet (D) is sealed to the periphery of the lower end of the collar (B) and ring-welded or adhesively attached to the surface of the label (A). Th ...

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In the preparation of diisocyanates from diamines, urea and alcohols with thermal cracking of the biscarbamate formed, it has hitherto been impossible to utilise the by-products formed in the cracking stage, and thus to arrive at a technically practicable and economical process. It was therefore the ...

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The construction and manufacture technique for a functional biocompatible intervertebral disc spacer is described. This device is useful for a replacement for a degenerated disc in certain treatments of back pain and spinal disease. The disc spacer possesses mechanical properties akin to those of th ...

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For producing solutions of cellulose in water-containing tertiary amine oxides from a suspension of cellulose in an aqueous solution of the tertiary amine oxide by supplying heat under reduced pressure, the suspension having a viscosity between 50 and 15,000 Pas.sec, measured in a relative system, i ...