Charles D Ray, Terry P Corbin: Prosthetic disc containing therapeutic material. Cedar Surgical, Moore & Hansen, February 27, 1990: US04904260 (602 worldwide citation)

By implanting two prosthetic disc capsules side-by-side into a damaged disc of a human spine, both height and motion, including front-to-back bending, can be maintained. Each prosthetic disc capsule has a bladder enclosing a fluid containing a therapeutic material that is slowly diffusible through a ...

John Dove, Philip H Hardcastle, John K Davis, Brian M King: Spinal implants. A W Showell, R A Giangiorgi, February 27, 1990: US04904261 (582 worldwide citation)

A spinal implant, e.g., to replace an excised disc, comprises a rigid generally horseshoe shape of biocompatible material, such as carbon-fibre reinforced plastics, having upper and lower planar faces (10, 11) converging towards the ends (12) of the horseshoe, and at least one hole (13, 14) from eac ...

Semion Resnick, Jacob Goldman: Cartridge assembly for a surgical stapling instrument. Semion Resnick, Browdy and Neimark, February 27, 1990: US04903697 (350 worldwide citation)

A disposable cartridge assembly for a surgical stapling instrument wherein an anvil carrying component comprises constituent anvil elements articulated with respect to each other and presenting an annular anvil surface. A biasing element is provided for biassing the elements into a retracted positio ...

Terrence H Pocock, Richard M McNorgan, Gary B Allen, Peter J M Coumans, Karl W McCalley, John R Bertram: System for audio/video presentation. Telaction Corporation, Amster Rothstein & Ebenstein, February 27, 1990: US04905094 (345 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a system for assembling a network of presentations comprising still video images with associated audio messages. The video images and audio messages are first recorded on separate recording mediums and then combines as a video/audio presentation network recorded on a ...

Peter Stasz, Scott R Grabinger: Electrosurgical generator. Everest Medical Corporation, Haugen and Nikolai, February 27, 1990: US04903696 (265 worldwide citation)

An electrosurgical generator for driving one or more separate electrosurgical implements, e.g., an electrosurgical scalpel and an electrosurgical forceps, over separate output channels. Bipolar electrodes on the scalpel blade are energized by a radio frequency (rf) power source which, by proper mani ...

Gray Shaw: Site-specific homogeneous modification of polypeptides. Genetics Institute, David L Berstein, Bruce M Eisen, February 27, 1990: US04904584 (264 worldwide citation)

A homogeneously modified protein is provided having one or more selected naturally occurring lysine residues replaced by a suitable amino acid, or having one or more lysine residues substituted for other amino acids or inserted into a polypeptide sequence, leaving selected lysine residues having .ep ...

Sharon R Garber, Darryn J Kozak, John M Kruse, Mark K Clare: Intelligent optical navigator dynamic information presentation and navigation system. Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company, Merchant Gould Smith Edell Welter & Schmidt, February 27, 1990: US04905163 (254 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a computerized information presentation system for dynamically organizing information in order to present to a user previously unrecognized relationships among portions of the information. The system comprises information description storage for storing information comprising a pluralit ...

Bruce W Enix: Cartridge and printer system for using roll print media. Eastman Kodak Company, John D Husser, February 27, 1990: US04904100 (213 worldwide citation)

A print media cartridge for use in combination with a portable printer having a housing with a print media ingress in its lower rear wall and a print media egress in its top wall. The cartridge includes a housing having an elongated wall portion of generally U-shape cross section and two end wall po ...

Lisbeth Illum: Drug delivery system. Danbiosyst, Bachman & LaPointe, February 27, 1990: US04904479 (189 worldwide citation)

Particles of a drug are directed away from the reticuloendothelial system by the use of surface coating and surface grafting techniques which substantially prevent the take up of the composite particles by the liver.

Alan R Kirk, Eric G Larson: Abrasive product having binder comprising an aminoplast resin. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Donald M Sell, Walter N Kirn, David L Weinstein, February 27, 1990: US04903440 (185 worldwide citation)

An abrasive product comprising abrasive grains bonded together or bonded to at least one major surface of a backing sheet, by a binder formed from a precursor comprising an aminoplast resin having on average at least 1.1 pendant .alpha.,.beta.-unsaturated carbonyl groups per molecule. The binder is ...

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