Kalt Glenda G: Universal dressings. Kalt Medical, HOFFMAN Gary M, February 22, 1990: WO/1990/001351 (3 worldwide citation)

A first clamp (10) for holding an article (22) to an object including a base (12) for adhering the clamp to the object, a flap (20), and securing surfaces for securing the flap to the base with the article positioned therebetween and a resilient pad (19) having an adhesive surface for contacting the ...

Non-vitreous ceramic metal oxide microcapsules. Minnesota Mining & Mfg, February 22, 1990: GB1501681-A (3 worldwide citation)

Ceramic microparticles are described which contain at least 85% of microcapsules or exist entirely in the form of microcapsules, said microcapsules being spherical or representing elongated or oblate spheroids. The wall of the microcapsules is of uniform thickness and composed of a ceramic polycryst ...

Adey Walter H: Water purification system and apparatus. Adey Walter H, sKARNY Geoffrey M, February 22, 1990: WO/1990/001263 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a water purification system that creates an integrated, small-scale marine or fresh water ecosystem that is particularly useful as a home, school, office, or laboratory aquarium. In operation, water from the aquarium tank (56) is routed to an algal turf scrubber screen ...

Das Sajal, Prevorsek Dusan Ciril, Sharma Raj, Debona Bruce: Flame resistant article made of phenolic triazine and related method. Allied Signal, sWINTER Richard C, February 22, 1990: WO/1990/001514 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a flame resistant article and related method, made of phenolic triazine resin derived from a cyanato group containing phenolic resin of formula (I), wherein n is a positive whole number greater than or equal to 1; q and r are the same or different at each occurrence and are ...

Coleman Frederick John, Goldie Frederick Thomas David: Radiation detection training apparatus. Surrey Medical Imaging Systems, Coleman Frederick John, Goldie Frederick Thomas David, BOULT WADE 27 Furnival Street London EC4A 1PQ, February 22, 1990: WO/1990/001761 (1 worldwide citation)

The apparatus utilises magnets (1) to simulate ionising radiation sources, and a detector (2) responsive to the polarities, field strengths and field gradients of the magnets.

Langhals Heinz, Potrawa Thomas: (De) Optische datenspeicher, (En) Optical memory. Riedel de Haen Aktiengesellschaft, Langhals Heinz, Potrawa Thomas, URBACH Hans Georg, February 22, 1990: WO/1990/001480 (1 worldwide citation)

(EN) Substances with at least two different coloured forms, one of which can be converted to the other by supplying energy, are used as storage media in optical memories.(DE) Verwendung von Substanzen mit mindestens zwei verschieden gefärbten Modifikationen, von denen eine durch Zufuhr von Energie i ...

Newman David Allen, Laubengayer William Robert, Scott William Bavier Jr: Led array printhead and method of making same. Eastman Kodak Company, RUSHEFSKY Norman, February 22, 1990: WO/1990/001751 (1 worldwide citation)

An LED array module for use in an LED array printhead is fabricated on a frame of tape-automated bonding (TAB) tape that provides all of the wiring for connecting the chips together, for connecting the module to one or more external circuit boards and for testing the module; thereby protecting the d ...

Sjöberg Bengt, Nybom Jan: Process for making a consolidated body. Uddeholm Tooling Aktiebolag, Sjöberg Bengt, Nybom Jan, HYNELL Magnus, February 22, 1990: WO/1990/001385 (1 worldwide citation)

In a process for making a consolidated body having a near net shape, a ceramic mold (13) is produced by casting a ceramic material against a mold (10), which has been made of a polymeric material, in order to obtain a mold cavity (17), the shape of which with a contraction equals the corresponding p ...

Gimbrone Michael A Jr, Wheeler Margaret Elyse: Leukocyte adhesion inhibitor. Brigham And Women S Hospital, FOX Samuel L, February 22, 1990: WO/1990/001338

The present invention relates to intercellular adhesion inhibitor molecules such as the Leukocyte Adhesion Inhibitor (LAI) molecule, a process for preparing and purifying the molecule, a screening assay, and diagnostic and therapeutic uses of molecule.

Gaukroger Michael Peter: Cutting using high energy radiation. Anstalt Gersan, Gaukroger Michael Peter, LYNDON STANFORD Edward Willoughby Brooke, February 22, 1990: WO/1990/001391

In order to make a laser cut in a diamond (1), the diamond (1) is reciprocated transversely, the radiation is focussed onto the bottom of the cut (6) by a stationary focussing lens (4), and the radiation is passed to the focussing lens (4) by a mirror (3) which is reciprocated in the same direction ...