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A multiple access, spread spectrum communication system and method for providing high capacity communications to, from, or between a plurality of system users, using code-division-spread-spectrum communication signals. The communication system uses means for providing marginal isolation between user ...

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Medical catheters and methods are provided for dispensing and implanting materials and devices within the bodies of living beings. In one form, an implantable device or material is disposed within the operating head of a catheter which is caused to move through a body duct to a select location there ...

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A novel suture anchor installation tool which comprises an elongated member having a first end and a second end and a slot extending from the first end towards the second end, the slot being sized to snugly accommodate the suture anchor's barb, whereby the suture anchor may be attached to the elonga ...

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A stomach insert for treating obesity in humans by reducing the stomach volume comprises a flexible, free floating and unattached, inflatable balloon, the balloon being inflatable to a volume effective to reduce the stomach volume of a person being treated. At least a portion of the balloon has a se ...

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A method of identifying an object from a digitized image is disclosed. One embodiment of the method is particularly applicable to the classification of ships and a second embodiment is particularly applicable to the classification of aircraft. The digitized image of an unknown object is represented ...

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A method for programming a computer system having a display console for displaying images to control at least one of a virtual instrument and an instrument by the steps of displaying on the screen at least one first function-icon that references at least one first control module for controlling at l ...

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The present invention is directed to a method of monitoring a patient's medicine compliance. It involves weighing a container of medicine to determine a starting weight on a scale which is connected to a computer with a display unit and storing the starting weight in the computer followed by reweigh ...

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Phospholipid liposomes are provided having a lipid bilayer surrounding a confined composition which includes a gas or a gas precursor. The liposomes can be administered to a patient and can be detected in vivo by ultrasound techniques which permit organ imaging.

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The invention relates to a surgical cannula for introducing instruments, scopes or tubing into body cavities or organs. The cannula comprises a conical tubular stem which is formed of thin sheet material, such as beryllium copper, the sheet material being coiled or partially coiled so that if is cap ...

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In the representative embodiment of the new and improved apparatus disclosed herein, the apparatus, including a core of a specific material, couples a first unit to a second unit. The first unit may, for example, be a downhole tool, the second unit being surface equipment. The first unit may also be ...