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A method of and an apparatus for managing defective sectors in an information recording medium such as a write-once optical disk and rewritable optical disk in which many defective sectors may be generated and unevenly distributed. In the medium, alternative zones are formed which are composed of: a ...

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Compounds of the formula in which the symbols R, R, R, R, R, R, n, X and Y have the meaning indicated in the description, can be used as medicines for oncological and dermatological indications.

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An X-ray examination apparatus for irradiating an object in different directions comprises an X-ray source (12), an X-ray detector (16) and a counterweight (26), secured to a C-shaped support (6). The counterweight is situated at that end of the arm which also carries the X-ray detector. The movemen ...

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The invention provides a metallocene catalyst for use in preparing syndiotactic polyolefins. The catalyst comprises a bridged metallocene in which one of the cyclopentadienyl rings is substituted in a substantially different manner from the other ring. It was discovered that this type of catalyst is ...

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The apparatus is intended to determine the value of a batch of mixed coins inserted by the user into a hopper unit (1) in which there is a rotatable disc (2) for feeding the coins in single file past a coin discriminator (6) to an escrow region (11). The total value of the coins retained temporarily ...

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Pollutants from the exhaust of a lean running internal combustion engine are reduced by the engine having an exhaust catalyst capable of oxidising hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide and reducing NOx to nitrogen and being fitted with engine management means arranged to provide transient additional enri ...


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The electric motor, in particular for a motorised pump unit, is equipped with a junction means permanently connected to the various windings of this motor. The junction means comprises an interface 12 with unplugable connections 16, 15 intended to be coupled to at least one removable function module ...

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The present invention relates to a centering device for providing bone tunnels in femoral condyles, comprising a curved body (1) having, at one end thereof, a guide (2) for permitting sliding and locking of a slider (3) supporting a bush-holder (4) which contains a bush (5) for guiding a drill bit. ...

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Compounds of the formula (1) : or pharmaceutically acceptable salts are described, wherein R is C1-6alkyl, C2-6alkenyl, C3-5cycloalkylC1-6alkyl, or C1-6alkyl substituted by 1 to 6 fluoro groups; R is C1-6alkylthio, C1-6alkylsulphonyl, C1-6alkoxy, hydroxy, hydrogen, hydrazino, C1-6alkyl, phenyl, -NHC ...