Bowald Staffan Folke, Johansson Eva Gunilla: A porous flexible sheet for tissue separation. Astra Meditec Aktiebolag, Bowald Staffan Folke, Johansson Eva Gunilla, MIKSCHE Gerhard, January 11, 1990: WO/1990/000067 (88 worldwide citation)

A material for tissue separation at healing processes in injured soft tissue in mammals including man is described. The material consists of a porous flexible sheet of a protein-free bioresorbable polymer. Processes for preparation of the material and use thereof are also described.

Wiedrich Charles R, Simmons Robert B, Lasch Jonathan G: Solid halogen-containing composition and method for producing same. PPG Industries, STEIN Irwin M, January 11, 1990: WO/1990/000006 (65 worldwide citation)

Described is particulate halogen-containing material, e.g., calcium hypochlorite, containing from about 0.1 to about 10 weight percent of colorant-treated particulate inorganic water soluble salt, e.g., sodium chloride. The colorant used with the sodium chloride salt is resistant to oxidation by the ...

Freisinger Henry, Brunnhuber Egon: (De) Sicherheitsskibindung, (En) Ski safety binding. Tmc Corporation, Freisinger Henry, Brunnhuber Egon, SZASZ Tibor, January 11, 1990: WO/1990/000078 (51 worldwide citation)

(EN) A ski safety binding has a horizontally swivelling sole plate, a heel grip for the ski boot, and two double-armed sole grips which swivel about vertical sole grip bolts and fasten the edge of the sole of the ski boot with one of their lever arms. The other lever arm abuts, via a locking and con ...

Michelson Gary Karlin: Artificial spinal fusion implants. Michelson Gary Karlin, SCHELLIN Eric P, January 11, 1990: WO/1990/000037 (40 worldwide citation)

A spinal implant (10) is disclosed which when placed within the spinal disc space stabilizes that spinal segment and materially participates in, and is incorporated in the ensuing fusion.

Deckelbaum Lawrence I, O Brien Kenneth M, Kapadia Cyrus R, Stetz Mark L: Endoscopic fiberoptic fluorescence spectrometer. Yale University, KIEL Gerald H, January 11, 1990: WO/1990/000035 (24 worldwide citation)

A method of detecting pre-malignant lesions in the gastrointestinal tract comprises positioning optical fibers (54, 56) in a patient's gastrointestinal tract and transmitting ultraviolet laser (10) light through optical fiber (54) to cause the tissue of the gastrointestinal tract illuminated by the ...

Binder William J: Plastic surgery implant. Binder William J, PALMER Russell R Jr, January 11, 1990: WO/1990/000036 (23 worldwide citation)

An improved implant for the mid-facial or submalar region of a patient's face. The implant is relatively thin with a teardrop-shaped profile. It has a relatively broad head (11) which is adapted to fit in the canine fossa of the maxillary bone, and a tapered, relatively narrow tail (12) which extend ...

Silverstein Fred E, Opie Eric A Di: Needle safety system and method. Silverstein Fred E, sCARLSON David V, January 11, 1990: WO/1990/000075 (19 worldwide citation)

A device and method for preventing accidental needle sticks. A sleeve (30) having an annular shaft (36) is slidably connected to a needle (34). A cord (40) is rigidly affixed to the hub (38) of the needle at one end thereof and to a blocking member (32) at the other end thereof is also slidably coup ...

Reinherz Ellis L, Siliciano Robert F: Identification of human t-lymphocyte epitopes in pathogens for vaccine development. Dana Farber Cancer Institute, CLARK Paul T, January 11, 1990: WO/1990/000063 (16 worldwide citation)

A method for isolating, from a biological sample derived from a member of a mammalian species, a lymphocyte specific for an antigen of an organism capable of infecting that species; the sample also contains lymphocytes not specific for the antigen, and the method involves contacting the lymphocytes ...

Kari Bruce E, Gehrz Richard C: Antibody recognition of fragments from cytomegalovirus. The Children S Hospital Incorporated, HAMRE Curtis B, January 11, 1990: WO/1990/000062 (16 worldwide citation)

Disclosed according to the invention are immunogenic proteolytic fragments of a glycoprotein complex (gC-I) of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV). These fragments are useful for production of antibodies to HCMV and for diagnosis of HCMV infections.

Jeanes Thomas O: Gas separation membranes derived from polycarbonates, polyesters, and polyestercarbonates containing tetrafluorobisphenol f. The Dow Chemical Company, BIEBER James B, January 11, 1990: WO/1990/000082 (15 worldwide citation)

The invention is a semi-permeable membrane of a thin discriminating layer of bisphenolic polycarbonate, polyester, or polyestercarbonate, wherein a significant portion of the bisphenolic residues in the polymer backbone is based on tetrafluorobisphenol F. The invention includes a method of separatin ...