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Described is a process for producing a new immunosuppressant, "demethomycin" (L-682,993) a C-31 demethylated analog of L-679,934 under novel fermentation conditions utilizing the microorganism, Actinoplanacete sp., (Merck Culture Collection MA 6559) ATCC No. 53771. The macrolide immunosuppressant is ...

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A data monitoring system for use in the operation of a fleet of commercial vehicles, comprising a fuel supply means comprising a fuel pump (30) connected to a fuel dispensing nozzle (22) by way of a flexible fuel delivery hose (28). A fuel management system (18) is coupled to the fuel pump (30) for ...

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A polarizing film comprising a dichroic substance having liquid crystal properties dispersed in a hydrophobic resin, which dichroic substance is highly oriented. A polarizing film having excellent polarizing performance as well as excellent durability can be obtained.

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Microtip fluorescent screen with a reduced number of addressing circuits. This screen with N lines (16) is divided into k zones Zi, each with N/k lines (16) belonging to N/k families of lines. The k lines (16) of a same family are electrically connected. Each zone Zi furthermore comprises three seri ...

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An image processing system obtains a binary signal from a multi-level signal read by an image scanner from an original document including mixed characters, ruled lines, and photos, and then produces a reproduced image from the binary signal. The image processing system includes: a fixed slice proces ...

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A test cell (5) for detecting a ligand in a liquid sample, which comprises an elongate casing (10) for housing a permeable material (12) and defining a liquid sample inlet (14), a reservoir volume (24), a test volume (22) interposed between the inlet (14) and reservoir volume (24), and a window (18) ...

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The invention relates to organophilic double-ring silicic acid derivatives having cage-like structures of the general formula I in which y is 6, 8 or 10, n is zero to (y - 1), R, R and R are phenyl or C1-5-alkyl, and Q is H, OH, halogen, haloalkyl, halophenyl, ethylphenyl, a primary alkanol radical, ...

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Pharmaceutical compositions comprising as an active ingredient a ring-contracted macrolide. The macrolides, some of which are novel compounds, enhance gastrointestinal motility. Methods for treating gastrointestinal motility disorders with these macrolides and processes for their preparation are als ...

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Thienodiazepine compounds represented by general formula (I) (wherein R and R may be the same or different and each represents hydrogen, halogen, alkyl or aralkyl or, when taken together, R and R form a ring, R represents oxygen, R represents hydrogen, alkyl, alkenyl or -(CH2)mCOOR (wherein R repres ...

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A bonded optical fiber array (20) includes a parallel coplanar array of longitudinally extending contacting optical fibers (22-22). Each optical fiber is enclosed in inner and outer layers of coating materials and is provided with a color identifier. The inner layer is comprised of a UV curable bond ...