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An auxiliary device (5) for a hair-removing apparatus (1) is provided which comprises a cooling element which has a heat conducting surface (6), capable of cooling the skin prior to removal of hair by the apparatus's hair-removing unit (2). The cooling of the skin substantially reduces the pain usua ...

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Blood is separated into blood components aseptically in a closed system by first filtering whole blood from a collector (1) through a filter (2) for removing leukocytes or removing leukocytes and platelets, to produce filtered blood, which is passed to and collected in a primary bag (3) fluid-tightl ...

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For the remote control of a plurality of electrical devices (2, 3) which can be remote controlled in the same manner and having a single remote control transmitter (1), an address (A1, A2) of an address memory (16) is activated in a remote control receiver (14), said address characterising the remot ...

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A digital signal transmission apparatus in which a digital signal having a header block of a predetermined length is transmitted. The header comprises a synchronization signal and auxiliary data. The auxiliary data is made up of first data or second data and a redundant error detection code. The red ...

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The process is characterised according to the invention in that: (1) a liquid phase consisting essentially of a solution of the protein and optionally of a biologically active substance in water or in an aqueous mixture is prepared at a temperature below the coagulation temperature of the protein, a ...

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Electronic apparatus such as a data collector includes a main casing (1) including a lid (8) which is pivotally connected thereto and defines a space which accommodates a movable card connector (11) and a memory card (7) connected to the card connector (11). Two pivotal links (23) are pivotally conn ...

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Process for improving storage stability of amidoperoxyacid, comprising contacting said amidoperoxyacid with a phosphate buffer solution at a pH between about 3.5 and 6 after synthesis of the amidoperoxyacid.

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Di-O-acyl glycero (di) phosphate L-carnitine ester and its derivatives and the process for their preparation are described. This compound is a useful therapeutic agent in the treatment of cardiac disturbances, dyslipemias and hyperlipoproteinemias, and in the treatment of slow cerebral metabolism.

Bergeron Raymond J: Univ Florida, January 3, 1990: EP0349224-A2 (19 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a compound having one of the formulae: Wherein: R1 and R6 may be the same or different and are H, alkyl or aralkyl having from 1 to 12 carbon atoms, provided that R1 and R6 are not H; R7 is H, alkyl, aryl or aralkyl having from 1 to 12 carbon atoms; m is an integer fro ...

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Pressure capsule for spray can, characterized by the fact that it principally consists of at least two chambers (2, 3), the first of which (2) is intended to be filled with a fluid under relatively high pressure and the second of which (3) is intended to be filled with a fluid up to a pressure equal ...