Jarvi Esa T, Mccarthy James R, Prakash Nellikunja Jaya: Novel neplanocin derivatives.. Merrell Dow Pharma, December 27, 1989: EP0347852-A2 (17 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to certain neplanocin derivatives which are useful in inhibiting AdoMet-dependent transmethylation and in the treatment of patients afflicted with neoplastic or viral disease states.

Hoppe Manfred Dr, Wiegner Dieter, Sagner Klaus Peter D I, Jordan Heinz Dietrich Dr, Brandt Horst Dr: Mixtures of blue azo disperse dyes.. Bayer, December 27, 1989: EP0347685-A2 (17 worldwide citation)

Mixtures of dyes of the formulae I to IV in which the radicals have the meaning customary in dye chemistry, are excellent replacement products for the expensive anthraquinone dye Disperse Blue 56.

Naumann Fritz Dr, Schaper Siegfried Dr, Haldenwanger Hans Gunther, Klose Peter Dr: Bearing arrangement for absorbing and compensating vibrations.. Audi Nsu Auto Union, December 27, 1989: EP0347666-A2 (17 worldwide citation)

The bearing consists of a core (16) and a support (17) joined by a resilient elastomeric body (20) with a metallic ring (23) around an axially movable diaphragm (26) in the fluid-filled enclosure (27). The diaphragm (26) incorporates an annular channel (33) connecting entry and exit ports (34,35) wi ...

Schlucker Niels, Meyer Klaus, Raichle Dieter: Jig saw extracting dust.. Reich Maschf Karl, December 27, 1989: EP0347631-A2 (17 worldwide citation)

In a jigsaw having an extractor for the sawdust, a flat extraction shoe (6) is detachably arranged below the base plate (4), the extraction channels (9) of which extraction shoe (6) lead into an extraction connection piece (10). In addition, the covering hood (11) surrounding the jigsaw blade (3) at ...

Mizutani Hikaru: Tape cartridge.. Hitachi Maxell, December 27, 1989: EP0347947-A2 (16 worldwide citation)

A tape cartridge comprises a front lid 9 with a rear lid 13 in front of a case body 1, there is projected a flange portion 20 inwardly at the lower end portion of a front plate 17 of the front lid 9 and there is defined a concave portion 21 immediately on the upper portion of the flange 20 inside th ...

Nakamura Akira, Senda Kohji, Fujii Eiji, Emoto Fumiaki, Uemoto Yasuhiro, Yamamoto Atsuya, Kobayashi Kazunori: Image display device.. Matsushita Electronics, December 27, 1989: EP0348209-A2 (16 worldwide citation)

In an image display device comprising thin film transistors and pixel electrodes (6) arranged in a matrix form on a substrate (1), a semiconductor layer (2) forming a channel region of the thin film transistor also serves as the pixel electrode (6), thereby making the structure of the device simple ...

Watanabe Kenjiro: Ink jet recording method and apparatus used in the same method.. Canon, December 27, 1989: EP0348181-A2 (16 worldwide citation)

An ink jet recording method for effecting polychromatic recording by the use of inks of two or more colors includes the process of repeating one-line printing by color in conformity with the number of colors used at least on the same line, and forming one line of a polychromatic recorded portion.

Jenkins Michael Stuart, Simpson Andrew Fraser, Porter David Anthony: Coatings on glass.. Pilkington, December 27, 1989: EP0348185-A1 (16 worldwide citation)

Coatings, which act as barrier layers to inhibit migration of alkali metal ions from a glass surface and/or act as colour suppressing underlayers for overlying infra-red reflecting or electrically conducting layers, are deposited by pyrolysis of a gaseous mixture of a silane, an unsaturated hydrocar ...

Van de Sande Robert Leo Karel, Segers Jacobus Cornelis: Method of refining glyceride oils.. Unilever, Unilever, December 27, 1989: EP0348004-A2 (16 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a method of refining glyceride oil comprising the step of degumming said glyceride oil, wherein said degumming step is followed by a separation step in which undissolved and non-centrifugable particles are removed from said degummed oil. Preferably said degumming step is fol ...

Suzuki Syuji C O Nec Corporati, Suzuki Hiroshi C O Nec Corpora: High-speed optical packet switching system using optical buffer between incoming and outgoing channels.. Nippon Electric Co, December 27, 1989: EP0347903-A2 (15 worldwide citation)

In an optical packet switching system, a plurality of first wavelength tunable devices (13) are connected respectively to incoming line terminals. In response to an incoming signal at the associated incoming line terminal, each of the first wavelength tunable devices generate an optical packet of a ...