Meir Ben Dov: Bone growth stimulator. Grant L Hubbard, December 26, 1989: US04889111 (83 worldwide citation)

A combined external fixation and bone growth stimulation apparatus in which current flows, in a defined cycle, from a cathode to one of two pairs of electrodes, then from one pair of electrodes to the other, and then from the cathode to the other pair of electrodes, is disclosed.

Atsushi Tateno, Kimio Mashiko: Filter for tobacco smoking. Japan Tobacco, Nixon & Vanderhye, December 26, 1989: US04889144 (81 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a filter for tobacco smoking which comprises a filter tip having a space therein, with flavor-sealed particles being contained in the space. The flavor-sealing particles are composed of a natural polysaccharide, or its derivative, and diluent agent, and are destroyed, in order to releas ...

Antony J O Dawes, Stephen R Henson: Flexible window management on a computer display. International Business Machines Corporation, Whitham & Marhoefer, December 26, 1989: US04890098 (80 worldwide citation)

A technique is described for managing windows in a display system. The window manager allows a user to mark an area on the display to define the dimensions and contents of a resized window. All non-hidden text and attributes within the enclosed area are incorporated into the resized window; however, ...

Eugene V Rowan, Thomas J Karol, Homer H Farmer: Organic molybdenum complexes. R T Vanderbilt Company, Rasma B Balodis, December 26, 1989: US04889647 (80 worldwide citation)

New molbdenum complexes prepared by reacting (a) a fatty oil, (b) diethanolamine and (c) a molybdenum source are described. The molybdenum complexes impart antifriction and antiwear properties to lubricating compositions and decrease fuel consumption in internal combustion engine using same.

Einar Boe: Hydraulic operated underreamer. Norsk Hydro, Wenderoth Lind & Ponack, December 26, 1989: US04889197 (78 worldwide citation)

A hydraulically operated underreamer or reamer for enlargement of boreholes is to be connected to a rotating drill string. An outer movable cylinder extends the entire length of the reamer for protection of inner parts thereof. Cutter support arms are movable rectilinearly between an operative state ...

Ker Wen Teng, Karl L Wang, Bich Yen Nguyen, Wei Wu: Integrated circuit trench cell. Motorola, John A Fisher, December 26, 1989: US04890144 (76 worldwide citation)

A multiple element integrated circuit trench cell having at least one vertical field effect transistor (FET) in a wall of a trench in a semiconductor substrate. The cell further comprises a central load device within the trench which is electrically connected to the vertical FET. The central load de ...

Katsuhide Tanoshima, Hikoshi Nagasawa: Electronic dictionary. Electric, Spencer & Frank, December 26, 1989: US04890230 (75 worldwide citation)

An electronic dictionary for electronic translation of words or compound words in a source language to the corresponding words or compound words in a target language comprises an optical reader which optically reads the source language to be translated, and a translation unit which produces, on the ...

Klaus Klein, Kurt Pollmann, Helmut Schettler, Uwe Schulz, Otto M Wagner, Rainer Zuehlke: Method for physical VLSI-chip design. International Business Machines Corporation, Mark F Chadurjian, December 26, 1989: US04890238 (75 worldwide citation)

For the physical design of a very large scale integration (VSLI) chip, a method is provided to implement a high density master image that contains logic and RAMs. In a hierarchical top-down design methodology, the circuitry to be contained on the chip is logically divided into partitions that are ma ...

J Stanford Hutcheson, Richard W Lutz, Paul A Obrist, David J Flaugher, Charles E Watts: Portable automated blood pressure monitoring apparatus and method. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Cushman Darby & Cushman, December 26, 1989: US04889132 (75 worldwide citation)

A portable auscultatory blood pressure and heart rate measurement system is wearable by an ambulatory patient and measures systolic and diastolic pressure upon request or at random time intervals within a user-programmed range. Cuff inflation pressure and deflation rate are also user programmable. D ...

Scott D Beutler: Miniature shield with opposing cantilever spring fingers. Motorola, Raymond A Jenski, Rolland R Hackbart, December 26, 1989: US04890199 (74 worldwide citation)

A miniature shield with opposing cantilever spring fingers is disclosed. Shield walls, which may be part of a housing for electronic equipment, are designed to insert between a plurality of opposing cantilever spring fingers arranged in a "U"-shaped channel. Torque generated at the bottom of the "U" ...