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A purified thermostable enzyme is obtained that has unique characteristics. Preferably the enzyme is isolated from the Thermus aquaticus species and has a molecular weight of about 86,000-90,000 daltons. The thermostable enzyme may be native or recombinant and may be used in a temperature-cycling ch ...

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A subscription television system in which individual decoders are enabled to receive individually addressed messages is disclosed. The composite signal, including video and teletext, also comprises addressed packets which are detected by decoders and which indicate that a message addressed to a part ...

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A phase change ink carrier composition is combined with a compatible colorant to form a phase change ink composition of this invention. A thin film of substantially uniform thickness of that phase change ink carrier composition, and the ink produced therefrom, has a high degree of lightness and chro ...

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A televsion broadcast system using land lines is provided for real-time transmission of a viewer-chosen program at a viewer requested time to the requesting viewer's television receiver. The preferred method includes the steps of providing a collection of stored programs, communicating the requestin ...

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A method for producing a light-transmissive phase change ink printed substrate is described which comprises providing a substrate, and then printing on at least one surface of the substrate a predetermined pattern of a light-transmissive phase change ink which initially transmits light in a non-rect ...

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A medical implant with an external surface layer of silicone elastomer and having an open-cell structure is made by applying solid particles to the external surface layer of the implant before it is cured, curing the external surface layer with the solid particles embedded therein and then dissolvin ...

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A rotary drill bit for use in drilling holes in subsurface earth formations comprises a bit body having a shank at one end for connection to a drill string and an operating end face at the other end. A plurality of first cutting structures, each comprising a preform cutting element, is mounted in th ...

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Liquid crystal cell using the electrically controlled birefringence effect and processes for the production of the cell and a uniaxial medium or material of negative optical anistropy usable therein.

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This invention incorporates the discovery of new principles which utilize magnetic and electric fields generated by time varying square wave currents of precise repetition, width, shape and magnitude to move through coils and cutaneously applied conductive electrodes in order to stimulate the nervou ...

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One side wall of a rigid needle tube is provided at its front end with a curved bending directed towards the opposite, axial side wall and has a lumen opening formed therein. The lumen opening is provided with a rear inner cutting edge and a front punctuating portion which comprises a lancet-shaped ...