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Airlaid fibrous webs having a primary layer having discrete particles of absorbent gelling material dispersed through at least a portion of the web airlaid over a dusting layer of essentially hydrophilic fiber material. The dusting layer acts to block the passage of particles injected in the stream ...

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An endoscopic biopsy forceps device incorporating a novel and unique camming arrangement for selectively opening and closing the biopsy cutting jaws of the biopsy forceps which will render the entire device of a simpler construction and reliable in operation, while concurrently making it considerabl ...

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An adjustable surgical staple for use in joining together two pieces of human or animal tissue. The staple has a spine and two legs, with the spine being slotted along its length so as to divide the spine into two separate cross members. Bending the cross members towards or away from one another alt ...

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A pedicle screw for use in internal fixation of the spine comprising a shaft threaded at one end for insertion into a bone and, at the other end, having a yoke for receiving a rod, said yoke having a cusp adapted to bear against the rod and means for clamping the rod against the cusp, while permitti ...

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Documents, such as bank checks, are processed at a high rate of speed on an image processing system which optically scans the documents and converts optically perceptible data on the documents into video image data. The video image data from the scanner is compressed by data compression techniques a ...

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A market research system is shown for substituting stored television programs for regularly scheduled, broadcast television programs having a particular identification code wherein the substitute television programs may be transmitted via telephone lines to the households of cooperating panelists fo ...

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A surgically implantable device for maintaining the relative positions of spinal bodies of a spinal column. The device comprises a plate portion for connection with a first spinal body. The plate portion has a first major side surface for facing the first spinal body and a second major side surface. ...

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A program material screening device is provided whereby the owner of a program signal receiving device such as a telephone, television, radio, VCR, or the like may automatically and selectively prevent the reception and replay by the receiving device of unwanted transmissions. The screening device i ...

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Disclosed is a computer method and apparatus that permits identical copies of encrypted computer software (including a number of software elements) to be distributed to many users while retaining central control over which elements are "unlocked", that is, are authorized for use by each user.

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In an audiovisual communication, a first high fram rate video signal is derived from a motion image and converted to a low fram rate low resolution multiframe signal. A second high frame rate video signal is derived from an still image and converted to a single frame high resolution signal. Because ...