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The knee prosthesis in which two parts, connected to the femur and to the tibia respectively, are in sliding contact via parallel surfaces formed with two different radii of curvature like the condyles of the femur; the said parts (a and c) are simply applied one against the other by way of the succ ...

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A smoke detector device comprises a housing (30) adapted to be mounted below an existing ceiling rose fitting (32) and to be clamped to an electrical flex (38) passing therethrough. The housing (30) encloses a smoke detector circuit formed on a printed circuit board (62), a battery (48) and an alarm ...

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A magnetic gripping apparatus, of the permanent magnet type, comprising a base plate (10) and peripheral walls (11), at least a first and a second pole units, each pole unit comprising a main pole piece (13) having an outer face defining a gripping surface, main permanent magnets (14) arranged betwe ...

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The communication apparatus includes a user set comprising storage means and means of calculating over the set Zn of whole numbers modulo n, n being of very large size and equal to the product of two first integers p and q. These storage means store a first integer e, the integer n, integers for ide ...

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A coated optical fibre assembly suitable for blowing through a microduct, said assembly comprising at least one optical fibre (1) and having an external coating (5) comprising a radiation-cured polymer containing particulate matter.

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The construction and manufacturing technique for a functional biocompatible intervertebral disc spacer is described. This device is useful for a replacement for a degenerated disc in certain treatments of back pain and spinal disease. The disc spacer possesses mechanical properties akin to those of ...

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The invention relates to a process for the preparation of an oxirane compound by reacting an olefinic compound with an organic hydroperoxide by the use of a heterogeneous catalyst, which is essentially insoluble in the reaction mixture, said catalyst comprising, titanium in chemical combination with ...

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Floating well regions (10) are provided just under trenches in which buried gates (5) are formed. The floating well regions (10) moderate an electric field concentration in the vicinity of the corner and bottom portions of the trenches, in the OFF state of the semiconductor device.

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A mobile telecommunications system includes aplurality of base stations (10) each being communicatable with a mobile station (16) by radio, and a telecommunications network (22) accommodating the plurality of base stations (10) for switching communications to the plurality of base stations (10). A s ...

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A fire barrier material for use in building construction comprising a sandwich structure (1) have a first (2) and second (3) outer layers comprising a high temperature resistant material having corrugations (7, 9) therein and an intermediate layer (5) comprising a flame retardant fibrous material wh ...