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A device to be used as a vascular stent comprising a cylindrical open-ended wire component made of a low memory metal such as copper alloy, titanium, or gold, providing a radial support from within a blood vessel after implantation therein. The coronary stent is characterized by its ability to be ex ...

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The portable appliance is of use for the subcutaneous or intradermal injection of a liquid formulation of an active principle and it comprises in combination: a supply vessel for the formulation; an injection needle adapted to communicate with the vessel; pump means for emptying the vessel through t ...

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The invention provides an automatic rearview mirror system (10) for a vehicle comprising a reflective element (22) actuatable between at least two different reflective conditions. The system includes a forward light sensor (11) to detect light forward of the vehicle and a rear light sensor (12) to d ...

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Shale oil is produced from a subterranean interval of oil shale, where the interval is initially substantially impermeable and contains a specified grade and thickness of oil shale. Said interval is conductively heated from borehole interiors which are kept hotter than about 600.degree. C. and are h ...

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A distrbuted services program installed on each of a plurality of data processing systems in a network allows the processors to access data files distrbuted across the various nodes of the network.

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An improved natural language text parser is disclosed which provides syntactic analysis of text using a fast and compact technique. Sequential steps of word isolation, morphological analysis and dictionary look-up combined with a complement grammar analysis, are applied to an input data stream of wo ...

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A steerable guidewire for guiding a catheter includes an elongate hollow shaft having a distal core wire mounted at its distal end. The distal core wire tapers in a distal direction and has a flexible distral tip. The core wire is received within a helical coil mounted to the distal end of the guide ...

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A device and method for allowing fluid to flow from the interior of the eye into the nasolacrimal drainage system associated with the eye to relieve high intraocular pressure in the treatment of glaucoma. The method employs a flexible tube having one end extendable into the anterior chamber of the e ...

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Disclosed is an Expandable Pullback Atherectomy Catheter (EPAC) comprising a distal tip portion capable of assuming two diameters. The distal tip portion includes an expandable cutting means and an expandable tissue collecting means. The catheter is guided in an artery to the stenosis and the distal ...

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A three key cryptographic system is used in the transmission of digitized signals to a plurality of receivers, each having a unique address number and a factory stored signature key which is a function of the address number. At the transmission end, a common key is generated and used to encrypt the ...