Hennuy Jean, Burton Camille, Ledion Jean: Household electrical steam appliance comprising a water reservoir and a device for adding a chemical compound to the water in this reservoir. Seb, December 8, 1989: FR2632331-A1 (18 worldwide citation)

The household electrical steam appliance comprises a water reservoir 1 which has a filling orifice 2, this reservoir 1 communicating with a vaporisation chamber 5. It additionally comprises means for introducing a predetermined quantity of a chemical compound 12 into the water reservoir 1. Applicati ...

Device preventing the reuse of a syringe and syringe incorporating the device. Michaud Jean, December 8, 1989: FR2632190-A1 (13 worldwide citation)

Means preventing a second injection of fluid. The device according to the invention comprises: - a tubular body 11 intended to be interposed between the cylinder and the needle 4 and comprising a seat 14 delimiting a central opening 15 and making, in the body, a first chamber 16 which connects with ...

Lucas Christian: Device for adjusting the position of a ski binding in the longitudinal direction and binding equipped with such a device. Look, December 8, 1989: FR2632200-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

This device comprises a slideway inside which the base 2 of the corresponding binding is slidably mounted. One side of this slideway includes notches or the like 7 intended to receive one or more immobilization teeth. These teeth 8 are carried by a bolt 9 mounted so as to be movable transversely ins ...

Janex Albert, Parquier Guy Le, Lajeunesse Francois: Transmitter and receiver of an identification message. Lmt Radio Professionelle, December 8, 1989: FR2632421-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

An identification system of the mode 4 IFF type. The preamble to the mode 4 IFF identification message is modified by carrying out a phase inversion modulation of some of the pulses in the preamble. This encoding is preferably carried out according to a four-element Barker code. The receiver of the ...

Detector of incorrectly-timed ambient heating. Sorge Alain, December 8, 1989: FR2632405-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

Detector of incorrectly-timed ambient heating, making it possible to determine whether ambient temperature has passed through a given value during a certain time. The detector is characterised in that the material in the liquid state is contained in a bulb/jar 4 made of a frangible material of any s ...

Durand Richard, Kerdraon Alain, Solves Gerard, Aubry Julien: Charge explosive generatrice de noyau. France Etat Armement, Commissariat Energie Atomique, December 8, 1989: FR2632394-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

Le secteur technique de l'invention est celui des charges explosives à revêtement générateur de noyau.


Monnerais Bernard: Lock with added safety device feature, provided with a tumbler which can not be picked. Chauvat & Sofranq Reunis, December 8, 1989: FR2632340-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

The lock includes an added safety 7 with a catch 7c rotationally connected to a cylinder 7b, a spring bolt 2, a deadlock 4, one rotation of the catch 7c making the deadlock 4 pass from one position to the next position and a tumbler 5 which locks the deadlock in each position and is capable of being ...

Working platform which can be adapted to ladders. Bougeault Andre, December 8, 1989: FR2632349-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a platform which makes it possible to work on ladders with comfort and without risk of falling. The device comprises four uprights 1, a work board 2, two stay-rods 14, a handrail 4, a plinth 8, an intermediate rail 9, two crosspieces 5, and hooks 6 bearing on the rungs of th ...

Villain Jacques: Device for distributing white light over a flat screen, especially a liquid crystal screen. Daric Guy, December 8, 1989: FR2632432-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a device for distributing a flow of white light for illuminating a flat liquid-crystal screen. This device is characterized in that it includes at least one tubular, elongate light source 6, 7, juxtaposed laterally with a flat diffuser 5 extending parallel to the screen 1 to ...