Ching W Tang, Steven A VanSlyke: Electroluminescent device with improved cathode. Eastman Kodak Company, Carl O Thomas, December 5, 1989: US04885211 (429 worldwide citation)

An electroluminescent device is disclosed comprised of, in sequence, an anode, an organic hole transporting zone, an organic electron transporting zone, and a cathode. The cathode is comprised of a layer of a plurality of metals other than alkali metals, at least one of said metals having a work fun ...

Erik T Engelson: Catheter guide wire. Target Therapeutics, Peter J Dehlinger, December 5, 1989: US04884579 (264 worldwide citation)

A catheter guide wire designed for use in guiding a catheter to a target site along a tortuous vessel path. The guide wire has a relatively long, torqueable proximal wire section, a more flexible intermediate section, and a most flexible distal end section designed to be advanced across sharp-bend v ...

Keith Lucas: Information display scheme for subscribers of a subscription television system. Scientific Atlanta, Banner Birch McKie & Beckett, December 5, 1989: US04885775 (253 worldwide citation)

An information display scheme for displaying subscriber unique information to subscribers of a subscription communications system. The system comprises template page receiving means coupled to the communications system for receiving a template page as a format for the subscriber unique information, ...

F Barry Bays, Arthur F Trott, Sam R Marchand: Tack and applicator for treating torn bodily material in vivo. Concept, Epstein Edell & Retzer, December 5, 1989: US04884572 (241 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for repairing in vivo torn cartilaginous or other bodily tissue, particularly torn meniscus tissue during arthroscopic surgery, employs a repair tack of biodegradable material chosen to have a degradation time in excess of the required healing time for the tissue. The repair tack has a ...

Michael J Sullivan: Golf ball. Spalding & Evenflo Companies, Donald R Bahr, December 5, 1989: US04884814 (240 worldwide citation)

The subject invention relates to golf ball technology, and more particularly, golf ball cover technology. The invention is concerned with a particular mixture of ionic resins as a golf ball cover composition.

Robert H Pray, Donald W Ramler, Curtis B Juliber: Automated building control design system. Honeywell, Donald J Lenkszus, December 5, 1989: US04885694 (234 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a computer system for substantially automating the design of a building control system. The system comprises a processor for processing data stored in a data base, the data being related to a building control system design and comprising both graphic and alpha-numeric information. The p ...

Harold J Vinegar, Scott L Wellington, Jannetje A de Waal: Method for analysis of failure of material employing imaging. Shell Oil Company, December 5, 1989: US04884455 (233 worldwide citation)

Methods are provided for determining mechanical and petrophysical properties (density, porosity, bulk compressibility, Young's modulus, Poisson's Ratio) of a material undergoing mechanical deformation studies with an imaging (CT, NMR) apparatus. The methods may also be used to measure and depict any ...

Kent W Mabey, Joseph M Boska, Stephen L Richards: System and methods for monitoring TV viewing system including a VCR and/or a cable converter. AGB Television Research, Rosen Dainow & Jacobs, December 5, 1989: US04885632 (228 worldwide citation)

A system and methods are disclosed for monitoring a home TV viewing system which may include a TV, a VCR and one or more cable converters. The system obtains information for identifying the source of video displayed or being recorded, i.e., off-air antenna, satellite antenna, cable converter tuner, ...

Ronald E Brown, Robert J Hogan, Daniel M Coombs, Simon G Kukes: Process for demetallizing and desulfurizing heavy crude oil. Phillips Petroleum Company, Laney Dougherty Hessin & Beavers, December 5, 1989: US04885080 (221 worldwide citation)

A heavy crude oil is fractionated into at least three liquid fractions which include a distillate fraction boiling in the 400.degree. F.-650.degree. F. range and a 650.degree. F.+ boiling range residuum. The distillate cut is hydrodesulfurized and the residuum is hydrodemetallized. The cuts thus hyd ...

Kent L Beck, Howard G Cunningham Jr: System for graphically representing operation of object-oriented programs. Tektronix, John P Dellett, Robert S Hulse, December 5, 1989: US04885717 (210 worldwide citation)

A "diagramming debugger" creates a graphical representation of the sequence of messages sent during operation of an object-oriented program. When one object transmits a message to another object, the diagramming debugger displays representations of the transmitting and receiving objects on a compute ...