Sampson Edward J: Snap-lock fitting catheter for an implantable device.. Shiley Infusaid, November 29, 1989: EP0343910-A2 (77 worldwide citation)

The invention discloses implantable infusion device (10) having a nipple outlet (20) over which a catheter (40) is fitted. A locking sleeve (42) is slidably mounted on the catheter to expand over the nipple and engage the housing. The locking action provides a sensory indication by noise or tactile ...

Cetenko Wiaczeslaw Antin, Connor David Thomas, Sorenson Roderick Joseph, Unangst Paul Charles, Stabler Stephen Russell: Arylmethylenyl derivatives of thiazolidnones, imidazolidinones and oxazolidinones useful as antiallergy agents and antiinflamatory agents.. Warner Lambert Co, November 29, 1989: EP0343643-A2 (70 worldwide citation)

The present invention is for selected novel compounds, as well as, pharmaceutical compositions and methods of use for known and the selected novel compounds both of the formula having activity useful for treating allergies and inflammation.

Reising George Stephen, Bergman Harry Bruce, Clear Sandra Hintz, Guinn Susan Elizabeth, Gomez Santiago Rolando: Absorbent articles with multiple layer absorbent cores.. Procter & Gamble, November 29, 1989: EP0343941-A2 (55 worldwide citation)

Absorbent articles such as disposable diapers, incontinent pads, sanitary napkins and the like that have multiple layer absorbent cores that are suitable for acquiring and containing liquids in an especially effective and efficient manner. The absorbent core comprises multiple layers including a fir ...

Kalfon Abraham Rami: Air lift fermentor formed from flexible plastic sheets.. Plant Biotec, November 29, 1989: EP0343885-A1 (53 worldwide citation)

An airlift fermenter comprising a sleeve formed of plastic film, first and second plastic welds formed across the sleeve to define a sealed fermentation enclosure and a divider panel formed of plastic film welded to the sleeve and disposed interiorly thereof and spatially separated from the first an ...

Rudland Peter Edward: Card or badge for carrying data and reader therefor.. Time & Data Syst Int, November 29, 1989: EP0343829-A2 (53 worldwide citation)

A card or badge (10) for carrying binary data has the data encoded in a track consisting of areas (14) opaque to infra-red radiation. The two binary values are represented respectively by opaque areas (21, 22) of different widths in the direction of the track. The opaque areas are printed on a sheet ...

Mariani Celestina, Leemans Jan, Greef Willy de, Beuckeleer Marc de: Plants with modified stamen cells.. Plant Genetic Systems, November 29, 1989: EP0344029-A1 (50 worldwide citation)

A plant, the nuclear genome of which is transformed with a foreign DNA sequence encoding a product which selectively disrupts the metabolism, functioning and/or development of stamen cells of the plant. The foreign DNA sequence also optionally encodes a marker.


Peltz Gary A, Moore Kevin W: Human fc-gamma receptor iii.. Schering Biotech, November 29, 1989: EP0343950-A2 (43 worldwide citation)

Soluble and membrane-bound forms of human Fc gamma RIII are provided, together with nucleic acids capable of encoding the same. Soluble Fc gamma RIIIs are useful in ameliorating the serum platelet deficiency associated with immune thrombocytopenic purpura. Cells expressing membrane-bound Fc gamma RI ...

Zardi Luciano: Monoclonal antibody specific to a fibronectin sequence expressed in transformed cells, hybridoma secreting said antibody and use of said monoclonal antibody in the diagnosis of tumors.. Ist Naz Ric Sul Cancro, November 29, 1989: EP0344134-A2 (36 worldwide citation)

A monoclonal antibody specific to the ED-B sequence of fibronectin expressed in transformed cells. The antibody, which is obtained from a hybridoma deriving from the fusion of immunized mice spleen cells using fibronectin from the culture medium of SV40-transformed embryonic human lung cells with mo ...