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An atherectomy system for coring, ingesting and removing an obstruction from within a patient's vessel, comprising a flexible guide-wire insertable into the vessel, a flexible rotary catheter being rotatably disposed and insertable into the vessel over the flexible guide-wire, having a rotary coring ...

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The invention provides a method for diagnosis of genetic abnormalities or other genetic conditions which can be readily automated. The method is used to determine the presence or absence of a target sequence in a sample of denatured nucleic acid and entails hybridizing the sample with a probe comple ...

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An artificially induced blood pulse used for measuring oxygen saturation in arterial blood is produced by a cuff, wrapped around a body member having an artery upstream from a testing site, when a squeezing pulse is applied by the cuff to the body member.

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This invention relates to a method for producing a cathodic, or reduction, current used in an in vivo semidifferential, semiderivative and/or semiintegral electrochemical method for achieving routine, reliable, and reproducible measurements of the dynamics of neurochemicals and neurochemical-like ma ...

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The present invention is a method and composition for treatment of ischemic, metabolic, congenital, or degenerative disorders of the central or peripheral nervous system. The composition is formed by encapsulation within an implantable biocompatible polymeric device of one or more compounds which ha ...

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A disposable blood sampling device wherein inner and outer spaced apart pad members, separated by a compressible pad-bridging enclosure respectively carry an axially extending evacuated collecting container closed by a penetrable end cap and an axially aligned, double-ended cannula. In normal positi ...

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A rear view mirror for a motor vehicle. An anchoring member is fixedly mounted on the vehicle, and that part of the mirror that is provided with a mirror body is adapted to be connected to the anchoring member by being pressed or otherwise placed thereon. In order to be able to establish an electric ...

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A dispensing machine is accessed repeatedly by a card issued by the machine. The machine comprises storage bins for holding and dispensing a plurality of products. A memory unit is included for storing information including representations of credit information, customer identification code informat ...

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A pulse oximeter having a sensor responsive to light transmitted through an area of blood flow which is optically absorbed by hemoglobin for producing a pulsatile waveform indicating the current pulsatile component of blood flow. A process waveform is created for tracking the process of the oximeter ...

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A stable, low resistance contact is formed in a contact hole (16) through an insulating layer (14), e.g., silicon dioxide, formed on a surface of a semiconductor substrate (12), e.g., silicon, to a portion of a doped region (10) in said semiconductor surface. The contact comprises (a) an adhesion an ...