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In a method for examining sheet-like objects by scanning the sheet-like object with radiation along a given scanning route and generating a succession of scanning signals determined by properties of the sheet-like object, the values of which scanning signals are compared with stored reference values ...

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A retroviral protease inhibiting compound of the formula: or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, prodrug or ester thereof.

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In a control system where a master control unit (2) controls a game machine, the master control unit is provided with two calculating means and a microprocessor. The two calculating means accumulate, at different rates, values each corresponding to the number of coins inserted into each of the game ...

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A system is provided for interactively assisting a patient. The system includes a speech synthesizer and recognition unit coupled to a programmed computer. The computer can keep track of a medication and diagnostic testing schedule. The system also includes diagnostic testing equipment coupled to th ...

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An ophthalmic lens having a size, shape, and composition adapted to be supported by the human eye in the optical path of the eye as an intraocular, contact, or corneal implant lens, includes a biocompatible lens body (12) having a size and shape adapted to be supported by a human eye in the optical ...

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The specification describes and claims a method of treating fibrous material which comprises applying to the fibrous material a composition comprising an organosilicon compound having a group =NCO(CHR)nOH connected with a silicon atom of the organosilicon compound. The organosilicon compound consist ...

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An electric machine having a stator (4) provided with windings (10), a rotor (6), and an air gap (16) between stator and rotor (6), in particular having permanent-magnetic excitation and/or electronic commutation. Provided in or on the stator (4) there are cooling channels for a liquid coolant, said ...

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The present invention generally relates to a smoking article having a fuel element, a physically separate aerosol generating means, a mouthend piece, and improved means for delivering one or more flavorants to the user which comprises a carbon filled sheet material located in a non-burning portion o ...

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An active matrix panel comprises a picture element matrix (22), which is mounted on a transparent substrate (71, 86) and which includes a plurality of gate lines (24, 25), a plurality of source lines (26, 27, 28) and a plurality of picture elements (32, 33). The active matrix panel further comprises ...

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Hand or wiper towels are made according to a process which includes the steps of: forming a furnish of cellulosic fibers; depositing the furnish on a traveling foraminous belt , thereby forming a fibrous web on top of the traveling foraminous belt ; subjecting the fibrous web to non-compressive dryi ...