David M Nierman: Biopsy forceps. November 14, 1989: US04880015 (708 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a biopsy forcep for use in a flexible fiberoptic bronchoscope. More particularly, this invention is directed to a biopsy forcep having an increased range of operability when used in conjunction with the flexible fiberoptic bronchoscope when obtaining tissue samples such as ...

Ryutaro Kishishita: Tokenless slot machine system. L Lawton Rogers III, Joseph M Killeen, November 14, 1989: US04880237 (319 worldwide citation)

A slot machine requiring no game media at all and comprising a game data processing unit which is provided with an input unit for specific data, a storage unit, an arithmetic processing unit, a printer, and a display; and a slot machine body which is provided with a pattern display mechanism, a star ...

Benjamin D Pless, Michael B Sweeney: Pacemaker for detecting and terminating a tachycardia. Intermedics, John R Merkling, November 14, 1989: US04880005 (288 worldwide citation)

A heart pacemaker detects pace-terminable tachycardia conditions in the atrium of the heart in accordance with selected high rate, rate stability, sudden onset and sustained high rate criteria. When a pace-terminable tachycardia is detected, programmed treatment modalities are applied to attempt to ...

Kevin R Stone: Prosthetic meniscus. Lahive & Cockfield, November 14, 1989: US04880429 (288 worldwide citation)

A prosthetic meniscus is disclosed which can be implanted in a humanoid knee, and which can act as a scaffold for regrowth of native meniscal tissues. The meniscus comprises a three dimensional array of collagen fibers interspersed with glycosaminoglycan molecules. The collagen fibers are present at ...

Amr M Mohsen, Esmat Z Hamdy, John L McCollum: Selectively formable vertical diode circuit element. Actel Corporation, Lyon & Lyon, November 14, 1989: US04881114 (265 worldwide citation)

A programmable low impedance interconnect diode element is disclosed having a lower electrode formed of a semiconductor material of a first conductivity type covered by an insulating dielectric layer which may be in a preferred embodiment comprised of an initial layer of silicon dioxide, a second la ...

David J Carini, John Jonas V Duncia, Sung Eun Yoo: Angiotensin II receptor blocking benzimidazoles. E I Du Pont De Nemours and Company, November 14, 1989: US04880804 (216 worldwide citation)

Substituted benzimidazoles such as ##STR1## and pharmaceutically suitable salts thereof are useful as angiotensin II blockers. These compounds have activity in treating hypertension and congestive heart failure.

Brent R Constantz: In situ calcium phosphate minerals--method and composition. Norian Corporation, Bertram I Rowland, November 14, 1989: US04880610 (185 worldwide citation)

Calcium phosphate minerals are formed by using highly concentrated phosphoric acid in conjunction with a calcium source, normaly as carbonate or a combination of carbonate and hydroxide, optimally in conjunction with calcium phosphate crystals and additional base to neutralize the phosphoric acid. P ...

Shinya Uchida, Kazuya Kohzu, Kiyoshi Fujii, Moriatsu Kawakami: Paper money discriminator. Laurel Bank Machines, Fleit Jacobson Cohn Price Holman & Stern, November 14, 1989: US04881268 (184 worldwide citation)

A paper money discriminator for identifying the type of a bank note by detecting colors thereof from reflected or transmitted light obtained by irradiating the bank note. The paper money discriminator is provided with optical fiber bundles disposed so as to respectively face a light source and color ...

Jonathan P Jaeb, Dennis W Gilstad, Ronald L Branstetter: Optical sensor for pulse oximeter. Nippon Colin, Matthews & Branscomb, November 14, 1989: US04880304 (179 worldwide citation)

An improved optical sensor which has increased sensitivity and which is resistant to the effects of ambient light. In one embodiment of the invention, the sensor housing has a flat lower face with a central protrusion in which a plurality of light emitting diodes and an optical sensor are mounted. W ...

George Lambropoulos, Kenneth R Pitera, Robert A Hair: Remote control system for door locks. Wickes Manufacturing Company, Body Vickers & Daniels, November 14, 1989: US04881148 (166 worldwide citation)

A remote control system which includes (a) a receiver unit adapted to be fixedly mounted on a motor vehicle having at least one door lock with a first locked condition and a second unlocked condition and having means for receiving a coded signal including a code portion of binary bits, memory means ...