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A prosthesis consisting of a flexible thin-walled sleeve for reinforcing and repairing a damaged vessel and a process of placing the flexible sleeve in the vessel by collapsing the sleeve radially onto an expandable and contractable member and encasing the member and sleeve in a sheath; and then sli ...

John W Brantigan: Surgical prosthetic implant facilitating vertebral interbody fusion. Hill Van Santen Steadman & Simpson, November 7, 1989: US04878915 (808 worldwide citation)

Prosthesis plug implants forming transverse struts between adjacent vertebrae have roughened surfaces receiving bone ingrowth to fuse the plugs on prepared surface sites on opposed faces of adjacent vertebrae and have end faces with tool receiving recesses securing the plug on a tool for insertion o ...

Hans Ernst Sachse: Keil & Weinkauf, November 7, 1989: US04878901 (537 worldwide citation)

An indwelling urethral catheter arrangement for the prevention of ascending bacterial infection which is of such a design that, on the one hand the bacteria are flushed downwardly by urine permitted to flow along the inside of the urethral wall and, on the other hand, the entire urinary stream is co ...

Joseph Grayzel: Valvuloplasty device with satellite expansion means. Weingram & Zall, November 7, 1989: US04878495 (481 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a valvuloplasty device having a plurality of expandable chambers for valvuloplasty such that the arrangements and disposition of the expandable chambers conforms to the anatomy of the valve to be treated, thereby increasing the likelihood that inflation of the balloons ...

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The method and system of the invention utilizes a private key of a public-key cryptosystem key pair to encrypt a non-secret password into a digital signature. The password and the digital signature are then encoded and stored on a magnetic stripe or other memory device of the card. To effect a trans ...

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There is disclosed an improved prosthesis coated, respectively, with an anionic surfactant, a drug such as an antibiotic and/or antithrombotic agent. Optionally, the coated prosthesis may be treated with an ion exchange compound, to remove un-drug bound anionic surfactant. The drug is bound directly ...

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A video endoscope is provided which has an inner cylindrical body member containing the optics and electronics in a manner which is impervious to liquid so that the inner member can be soaked in a disinfectant between uses. An outer rigid cylindrical sheath is provided into which the inner member is ...

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A solder joint assembly technique applies controlled volumes of solder to pads of both package and substrate. The two units are positioned adjacent each other with the pads and solder deposits mechanically maintained in registration with each other. The assembly is reflowed and the final separation ...

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Hybridomally produced monoclonal IgM antibodies having high affinity are useful for the immunoassay and purification of viral antigens.

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The record mode setting apparatus comprises a VPS setting switch (41), a VPS decoder (3), a code latch circuit (7), a VPS control circuit (26) and a code memory (27). When the VPS setting switch (41) is turned on while a recording means (16) is ready for recording, the VPS decoder (3) detects a VPS ...