Bercovitz Christian, Feyjoo Alexandre: Device for verifying documents.. Landis & Gyr, October 25, 1989: EP0338123-A2 (158 worldwide citation)

A device for recognising the authenticity of documents (1) consists of a reading head (3, 4), a lighting device with at least one light source (26), an electronic evaluation device (5), a transport device (2) for generating a relative movement between the document (1) and reading head (3, 4), and a ...

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The present invention relates to a method for transforming a lymphoid cell line to glutamine independence which comprises: transforming the lymphoid cell line with a vector containing an active glutamine synthetase (GS) gene; growing the transformed cell line on a medium containing glutamine; and co ...

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The device (1) comprises a shaped and flexible segment constituted by a supporting core and a fabric covering applied to the supporting core, and can be sutured to the ring of the tricuspid valve at least in the section between the antero-septal and the postero-septal commissures. The segment (1) ex ...

Holman Rury Reginald, Marshall Jeremy Michael John: Syringes.. Turner Robert Charles, Holman Rury Reginald, Owen Mumford, October 25, 1989: EP0338806-A2 (79 worldwide citation)

A generally pen-like syringe incorporates a dose metering device provided by a cap (7) rotatable with respect to a pen body (8) to a position related to the dose of medicament (for example insulin) to be injected. The rotation compresses a coil spring (6), which is prevented from unwinding by co-ope ...

Lawaczeck Rudiger Dr: Process for preparing liposomes and/or biological cells containing ingredients, and their use.. Schering, October 25, 1989: EP0338971-A1 (77 worldwide citation)

In order to incorporate, add or substitute substances in liposomes or cells, inert gases with a sufficiently high pressure in gaseous or liquefied form are used to cause a reduction in the lipid order. The loaded liposomes or cells are suitable as pharmaceutical carriers.

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A process and an equipment for micro-pattern forming on the surface of a rolling roll (1), and a metallic thin sheet and preparation thereof by transfering the micro-pattern on the surface by use of the roll are provided. Such a rolling roll can be attained by a method wherein resin film (28) mixed ...

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Compounds of the general formula A- @-B wherein A is a bicyclic 1-one-2-ene-3-ol-2-yl residue; B is an aryl or heteroaryl group optionally bearing substituents; and salts, enolethers and enolesters thereof, and methods of producing such compounds and using such compounds as herbicides are disclosed.

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The present invention provides a method for producing Fv fragments comprising: transforming a eukaryotic host cell with a eukaryotic expression vector comprising an operon having a DNA sequence which encodes the variable domain only of an antibody light or heavy chain, culturing the transformed host ...

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The dust filter bag comprises a filter paper outer layer and a fine fibre non-woven fabric, each having characteristic specific properties. The fine fibre non-woven fabric can, if required, be reinforced by a supporting element. The combination of appropriate filter materials for the filter paper ou ...

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A plate (11) 0.05 - 0.3 mm thick is made of a solid electrolyte, e.g. zirconia containing 2-5 wt % of yttria, and is coated on one side with a cathode layer (12) of material resistant to 02, e.g. made from powdered LaSr .MnO3 and on the other side with an anode layer (13) of material resistant to H2 ...