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Compounds of the form A-G-B-B-J wherein A is an amine protecting group commonly employed in peptide synthesis, G a dipeptide isostere, B an amino acid or analog thereof, and J a small terminal group are described. These compounds are useful in the inhibition of HIV protease, the prevention or treatm ...

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A lining assembly 2 is advanced through a borehole which is being formed independently by a drilling tool 4 driven by a simultaneously advancing drilling assembly 1 and which has a diameter greater than the external diameter of the lining assembly 2. The drilling assembly 1 (with or without the tool ...

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A low-irritation detergent composition comprising (A) an alkyl saccharide-type surface active agent and (B) a cationic polymer. The composition is a low irritant to the skin and hair, produces excellent creamy foam, possesses a superior hair conditioning effect, and imparts an outstanding moisture f ...

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The mounting device is distinguished by the fact that the support (1) receives, sliding freely and with the ability to lock in position, a rod (2) at the end of which there is fixed a curved profiled guide (4) for corresponding to the profile of the tibia, the said guide (4) forming a horizontal bea ...

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The invention relates to an intraocular optical system (7) for insertion into the capsula lentis after removal of the natural eye lens, which is characterized in that it is a hollow body having an outer shape following the inner shape of the capsula lentis (6) at least in the main lines and leaning ...

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A shelf divider system (10) comprising a divider wall (25) mountable in a channel member (22) secured to the front of a shelf. A spring-urged pusher member (35) is slidably mounted on a track having a pair of rails integral with the divider shaft. In one embodiment, the operationally mounted divider ...

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There is provided novel 2-substituted-4-substituted-1,3-dioxolanes which are particularly useful as antiviral agents.

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Methods of and apparatus for processing television signals wherein the television signals include image-representative information and a plurality of segments of accompanying supplementary information including VPS program identification information and a teletext listing including program title inf ...

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The casing of a very-high-sensitivity electromagnetic tripper consists of a support base (26) on which a cap (28) snap-fits. The elements of the tripper are fixed to the base (26) by snap-fitting the frame (18) for the coil (20), this snap-fitting applying the armature (10) to the base (26). Bosses ...