Ralph L Hollis Jr: Magnetically levitated fine motion robot wrist with programmable compliance. International Business Machines Corporation, Philip J Feig, October 17, 1989: US04874998 (77 worldwide citation)

Selective compliance in up to six degress of freedom in a magnetically levitated fine motion device, or robot wrist, with limited motion in X,Y,Z, ROLL, PITCH, YAW, is provided by controlled actuation currents applied to six electrodynamic forcer elements. The wrist has a stator support base definin ...

David H Katz: Inflammatory disease treatment. Lidak Biopharmaceuticals, Grant L Hubbard, October 17, 1989: US04874794 (76 worldwide citation)

A method treating virus-induced and inflammatory diseases of skin and membranes in humans or animals, comprising application of a composition consisting of one or more of the aliphatic alcohols docosanol, tetracosanol and hexacosanol in a physiologically compatible carrier is disclosed.

Ray Tapia: Cap assembly. James E Brunton, October 17, 1989: US04873726 (76 worldwide citation)

An adjustable baseball type cap assemblage having a crown portion and various interchangeable visor portions. Insignia patches of various styles can be removably affixed to the selected visor and crown portions so that one cap assembly can be modified to identify with two or more athletic teams.

Shinya Miya, Masato Harada, Takaya Mise, Hiroshi Yamazaki: Bis(di-, tri- or tetra-substituted-cyclopentadienyl)-zirconium dihalides. Chisso Corporation, The Institute of Physical & Chemical Research, Fred Philpitt, October 17, 1989: US04874880 (75 worldwide citation)

Bis(di-, tri- or tetra-substituted-cyclopentadienyl)zirconium dihalides represented by the following general formula [I] are provided, ##STR1## (wherein R.sup.1 denotes a substituent group on the cyclopentadienyl ring which is an alkyl radical of 1 to 5 carbon atoms; R.sub.2.sup.1 --C.sub.5 H.sub.3 ...

Eiichi Kubo, Koichi Nagaoka, Yoshiki Miyahara, Syunichi Kiriyama, Yasunobu Mishima: Polyolefinic biconstituent fiber and nonwove fabric produced therefrom. Unitika, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak & Seas, October 17, 1989: US04874666 (75 worldwide citation)

A biconstituent fiber having good spinnability, a binder fiber made thereof, and a nonwoven fabric produced therefrom and which has high tensile strength and comfortable soft touch are provided. The biconstituent fiber is composed of linear low-density polyethylene and crystalline polypropylene and ...

Hermann Grobecker, Werner Heher, Adelbert Zielasek, Frederik B Nusselder: Storage cassette for high storage density, disc-shaped information carriers. Polygram, David R Treacy, October 17, 1989: US04874085 (74 worldwide citation)

High storage density information carriers, particularly optically readable video discs and digital records, can only be read error-free by a playback device when the high requirements made of freedom from warping also remain guaranteed over long storage times. A cassette is provided to support and f ...

Patrick S L Wong, Felix Theeuwes, James B Eckenhoff: Multi-layer delivery system. ALZA Corporation, Steven F Stone, Edward L Mandell, Paul L Sabatine, October 17, 1989: US04874388 (74 worldwide citation)

A dispenser for use in a fluid environment having a rigid housing containing a fluid activated driving member, a plurality of drug containing layers and an outlet means by which drug is dispensed to the environment. The housing adjacent to the layers is fluid impermeable and the housing adjacent to ...

Ronald E Girardin: Horse racing game. Albert L Gabriel, October 17, 1989: US04874177 (73 worldwide citation)

A horse racing game comprising a gameboard inscribed with the representation of a racetrack, a number of horse performance cards bearing personal information regarding actual horses, and a number matrix referring to that horse's performance in an actual racing event, markers for use by the players i ...

Mark Magidson, Otto L Huber: Disposable filter respirator with inner molded face flange. Moldex Metric Products, Charles H Schwartz, Ellsworth R Roston, October 17, 1989: US04873972 (72 worldwide citation)

A filter respirator forming a face mask to be worn upon the face of a user including a support layer of flexible material. The support layer is molded to conform to the contours of the face of the user and forms a flexible support layer for filter material. A separate layer of filter material filter ...

William Bradshaw, Robert Shepard: Portable cooler. Irving Faber, October 17, 1989: US04873841 (71 worldwide citation)

A portable cooler comprising a cooling compartment having a pair of wheels coupled thereto at one end thereof and having a handle positioned on and coupled to one side of the cooling compartment opposite said wheels for pulling the portable cooler. The handle is angularly adjustable about an axle wh ...