Joshua Alspector: Neuromorphic learning networks. Bell Communications Research, James W Falk, October 17, 1989: US04874963 (91 worldwide citation)

A neuron network which achieves learning by means of a modified Boltzmann algorithm. The network may comprise interconnected input, hidden and output layers of neurons, the neurons being "on-off" or threshold electronic devices which are symmetrically connected by means of adjustable-weight synapse ...

Suong Hyu Hyon, Yoshito Ikada: Method of molding a polyvinyl alcohol contact lens. Biomaterials Universe, Armstrong Nikaido Marmelstein Kubovcik & Murray, October 17, 1989: US04874562 (91 worldwide citation)

A soft contact lens of PVA having a tensile strength of not less than 10 kg/cm.sup.2, a water content ranging from 40 to 95% by weight, a visible light transparency of not less than 90%, and an oxygen permeability of not less than 30.times.10.sup.-11 cm.sup.3.(STP).cm/cm.sup.2.sec.mmHg. This soft co ...

Robert L Derhaag, David B Rose: Headset construction and method of making same. October 17, 1989: US04875233 (90 worldwide citation)

A communication headset has an earpiece assembly mounted on one end of an arcuate headband having a single-piece integral, unitary construction and a resilient composition. The earpiece assembly includes an earmuff which engages a user's ear and which receives a speaker and speaker holder. The speak ...

Udo J Vetter: Hypodermic syringe. Arzheimittel Apotheker Vetter & Co Ravensburg, Herbert Dubno, October 17, 1989: US04874381 (89 worldwide citation)

A two-compartment syringe having a bypass through which the liquid can be forced into the medicament compartment by advance of the piston connected to the stem, has a brake retarding the displacement of this piston until it reaches the bypass to prevent undesired discharge of the injectable substanc ...

Shiro Miyagawa: Storage battery with indicating device. Miyagawa Kasei, W G Fasse, D H Kane Jr, October 17, 1989: US04874679 (88 worldwide citation)

A battery casing for containing an electrolytic is equipped with a window (6) through which the interior of the casing (1) can be seen. An indicating device (9) for providing indications which differ according to changes in the electrolyte conditions' is installed inside the casing for viewing throu ...

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A fiber optical fiber fluid flow measuring device is provided for in vivo determination of blood flow in arteries. The device includes a fiber optical fluid differential pressure measuring device having at least one optical fiber sensor which optical fiber sensor is positioned in the blood flow pass ...

Chris E Nunez: Needle safety guard. International Medical Innovators, Stetina and Brunda, October 17, 1989: US04874384 (85 worldwide citation)

A medical needle guard device is disclosed characterized by use of a pair of telescoping tubular sleeves mountable upon the hub of conventional medical needles by plural clip inserts positionable within one of the tubular sleeves. The plural clips may be specifically formed in differing configuratio ...

Dianne J Pollard: Bumper sheet. Philip A Dalton, October 17, 1989: US04873734 (83 worldwide citation)

A bumper sheet includes an array of pockets in which relatively soft yet form-retaining inserts (such as foam plastic cylinders or inflatable bladders) are removably fitted to define a bumper area enclosing a sleeping or rest area within the confines of a crib, bed rails or the like.

Harry L Wainwright: Fabric with illuminated changing display. Joseph J O Keefe, October 17, 1989: US04875144 (83 worldwide citation)

A fabric illuminated by the outer ends of a large number of optical fibers associated with the outer surface of the fiber in a manner to form an illuminated changing display of several figures. The fibers extend along the inner surface of the fabric, and the inner ends of a plurality of fibers are g ...

Jonathan Seaborne, David C Egbert: Package containing a moisture resistant edible internal barrier. General Mills, John A O Toole, October 17, 1989: US04874618 (82 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are two-compartment food packages which includes a first lower compartment housing a first food material, e.g., ice cream, and a second upper compartment housing a second food material, e.g., chocolate sauce with the second material being supported on an edible barrier which also serves to ...