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An acknowledge back (ack-back) paging system is provided which includes a central station which transmits a group of message signals to a group of ack-back pagers which are addressed as a group. The users of the group of addressed ack-back pagers indicate a response to their respective pagers thus p ...

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A slot machine has a wheel mechanism including a plurality of motors, a plurality of rotary shafts rotated about their respective axes by the driving forces of the motors, and symbol carrying members each having a relatively small radius of gyration and carrying a symbol on its visible surface. The ...

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An improved composite for absorbing and dispersing impacting forces is disclosed. The composite includes a flexible plastic enclosure defining an internal cavity. The flexible enclosure is generally impermeable to air and capable of having its internal pressure changed. The composite further include ...

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A replacement disc for use between adjacent vertebrae comprising:

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An unused open wire skin staple having a generally U-shaped central portion and outer portions terminating in sharp points that can be closed to a rectangular shape by straightening the central portion. The staple can be closed between an anvil having spaced support surfaces for spaced points along ...

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A safety syringe includes a protective sheath disposed within the interior of the body portion of the syringe. A needle extends from the body portion of the syringe when the syringe is in an armed condition. A biasing mechanism, such as a stretched coiled spring, is connected to the upper end of the ...

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A novel method for determination of 3-D structure in biplane angiography, including determining the distance of a perpendicular line from the focal spots of respective x-ray sources to respective image planes and defining the origin of each biplane image as the point of intersection with the perpend ...

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A smart card (20) including a microcomputer (40). The microcomputer (40) being programmed with a smart card control program (50) and a data dictionary (52) defining the data to be stored in the microcomputer.

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A flexible endoscope comprising a handle, a flexible section, a terminal articulated length, at least one additional articulated length between the flexible section and the terminal articulated length, each articulated length being movable by two pairs of wires connected with servomechanisms so as t ...

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A motorized golf cart has a frame that supports a platform upon which a golfer may stand while straddling a golf bag supported upon the platform along an incline. A U-shaped articulated steering bar is provided for adjustable positioning of a handle portion of the bar in forward and intermediate pos ...