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A vascular catheter includes a strainer device at its distal end. The strainer device is collapsible, capable of assuming both an open configuration where it is able to capture emboli when emplaced in a blood vessel, and a closed configuration where it is able to retain any captured emboli within it ...

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Surgical fasteners and a method for repairing a tear in body tissue using the fastener are disclosed. The fastener includes a suture and an instrument for inserting the suture. The suture has a base member for seating against the body tissue, a shaft upstanding from the base member for inserting int ...

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Apparatus for effecting anastomosis of the distal urethra and the bladder neck includes a tubular urethral sound. An inflatable anvil is selectively connected to the sound through an opening in the urethra adjacent the prostate. The sound is then retracted outwardly to position the anvil in the uret ...

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The invention relates to a microelectrochemical electrode structure comprising a monolithic substrate having a front surface and a back surface facing generally away from one another, a first well extending into the substrate from the surface towards the back surface and ending in a first well botto ...

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Electrochemical microsensors formed of a substrate containing means for sensing potential or current, including active and passive electronic devices and electronic circuits, and a micromachined structure containing at least one cavity overlying the sensing means, wherein the structure and substrate ...

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Disclosed is a self-occluding cannula assembly comprising a cannula sheath having a connector hub formed on one end thereof. A self-actuating occluding means is formed within the cannula assembly so as to prevent back flow of body fluids from the cannula. In the cannulae wherein an introducer needle ...

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An improved fibrin glue delivery system is disclosed. The delivery system is comprised of a pair of syringe tubes which can be actuated by plungers simultaneously or independently, a connecting member which holds the syringe tubes in parallel alignment and a unique needle assembly which ensures the ...

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In a data processing system that stores a first and second version of a given data set, a method for synchronizing the first and second versions comprises steps of maintaining a sync-complete control field and a sync-in-progress control field in the inode of each of the first and second versions. Wr ...

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Cuvette with or without a lancet secured thereto and extending therefrom for producing skin puncture to produce body fluid of interest, the cuvette is made of optically transparent material and is provided with a shape and a plurality of optical elements such as integrally formed optical elements fo ...

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The article of the invention is an optically readable label for storing encoded information, said label comprising a data energy of a multiplicity of information-encoded hexagons contiguously arranged in a honeycomb pattern, and having at least two different optical properties.