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A plurality of expandable and deformable intraluminal vascular grafts (70) are expanded within a blood vessel by an angioplasty balloon associated with a catheter to dilate and expand the lumen of a blood vessel. The grafts (70) may be thin-walled tubular members having a plurality of slots (82) dis ...

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The invention relates to genetically engineered plant cells which have been provided with an antisense gene of a natural gene of the host. Preferably, the gene concerned is a gene of the phenyl propanoid pathway, in particular the gene coding for chalcone synthase (CHS). Introduction of antisense CH ...

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A modified polypeptide having human granulocyte colony stimulating factor (hG-CSF) activity comprising a polypeptide having hG-CSF activity with at least one amino group thereof substituted with a group of the formula R1 @OCH2CH2 @nX-R2- (I) wherein R1 is an alkyl or alkanoyl group; n is an optional ...

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In a system in accordance with the invention, a cordless telephone base station 1 or telepoint, is modified to enable navigational information and other data to be stored in stores 8, 9 and 13. The information may be accessed via a cordless telephone handset 4 and displayed at 11 or 12.

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Aqueous parenteral solutions of drugs which are insoluble or only sparingly soluble in water and/or which are unstable in water, combined with a hydroxypropyl,hydroxyethyl, glucosyl, maltosyl or maltotriosyl derivative of beta - or gamma -cyclodextrin, provide a means for alleviating problems associ ...

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A dispenser 10 for chemical analysis insertable into e.g. a cylindrical housing 20 of an analyser 18, carries a label 16 bearing an optical code of analysis data e.g. in bar coded form. A scanning head 28 can be mounted towards the top of the housing 20, so that as the dispenser is lowered into the ...

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A fluid container comprising a flexible bag (1) containing a diluent and having a closing film at its upper end, a capsule (2) connected to the flexible bag, a drug container (3) held in the capsule and a communicating means (16) communicating the flexible bag with the drug container. The communicat ...

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A method and apparatus for improving the calculation of oxygen saturation and other blood constituents by non-invasive pulse oximeters. The method and apparatus permit more accurate determination of blood flow by collecting time-measures of the absorption signal at two or more wavelengths and proces ...

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A method and apparatus for improving the calculation of oxygen saturation by non-invasive pulse oximeters during transient conditions. Transient conditions introduce artifactual errors into the detected optical signal because of changes in transmittance of the light with localized blood volume chang ...

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A hydrophilic foam composition comprising the in situ reaction product of an isocyanate-capped polyether prepolymer, a hydrophilic agent capable of absorbing water, an adjuvant comprising an alcohol, a wetting agent, and water. The composition releasably carries the adjuvant and will release at leas ...