Garo Khanarian
Thomas M Leslie, Garo Khanarian: Microdisperse polymer/liquid crystal composite. Hoechst Celanese, Depaoli & O Brien, September 26, 1989: US04869847 (23 worldwide citation)

A novel composite of liquid crystal droplets having a diameter of no more than 0.1 micron dispersed in a synthetic resin matrix is disclosed. The novel material does not scatter light to any appreciable degree.

Ross H Freeman: Configurable electrical circuit having configurable logic elements and configurable interconnects. Xilinx, Skjerven Morrill MacPherson Franklin & Friel, September 26, 1989: US04870302 (718 worldwide citation)

A configurable logic array comprises a plurality of configurable logic elements variably interconnected in response to control signals to perform a selected logic function. Each configurable logic element in the array is in itself capable of performing any one of a plurality of logic functions depen ...

William D Fox: Energy storage means for a surgical stapler. Ethicon, Paul A Coletti, September 26, 1989: US04869415 (536 worldwide citation)

An initiating device which imparts stored potential energy to the driver and cutter in an internal organ stapler. Also disclosed is an overriding device which prevent the use of such a device until the proper clamping of the jaws of the stapler with each other.

David T Green, Ernie Aranyi: Articulated surgical fastener applying apparatus. United States Surgical Corporation, Kenyon & Kenyon, September 26, 1989: US04869414 (522 worldwide citation)

Surgical fastener applying apparatus having an articulated shaft assembly intermediate a proximal actuator assembly and a distal fastener applying assembly. The rotational axis of the articulation is transverse to the proximal-distal axis of the shaft assembly. The apparatus is fully operational at ...

Edwin L Adair: Gas insufflation needle with instrument port. Fields Lewis Pittenger & Rost, September 26, 1989: US04869717 (305 worldwide citation)

The disposable trochar in the form of a gas insufflation needle having a removable rod and needle portion within an outer sheath is provided. The rod has a blunt end and is retractable during insertion so that the needle edge cuts through the abdominal wall. Once passing through the wall the rod ext ...

Douglas Sahm: Golf club. Players Golf, James C Wray, September 26, 1989: US04869507 (275 worldwide citation)

A weighting system for wood golf club heads comprising first, second and third weight receiving sockets and at least one set of removable and interchangeable weights receivable in the sockets. The first and third sockets are disposed in the heel and toe portions of the club head with axes substantia ...

David D Crossman, Ernest J Mumford, Jeremy Marshall: Blood sampling devices. Owen Mumford, Young & Thompson, September 26, 1989: US04869249 (273 worldwide citation)

A disposable pricker has a body (1,2) lance (4) spring (3) and cap (13) integrally moulded in plastics, the cap being subsequently separable. The lance tip (5) is a needle embedded in the moulding and relatively inaccessible within the body. Formations (17) within the cap compress the spring (3) as ...

Robert T Stone, Deborah A Briggs: Method and apparatus for calculating arterial oxygen saturation. Nellcor Incorporated, Robert M Isackson, September 26, 1989: US04869254 (271 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for improving the calculation of oxygen saturation by non-invasive pulse oximeters during transient conditions. Transient conditions introduce artifactual errors into the detected optical signal because of changes in transmittance of the light with localized blood volume chang ...

Francis T Cole, Philip V Livdahl, Frederick E Mills III, Lee C Teng: Multi-station proton beam therapy system. Loma Linda University Medical Center, Robert R Meads, September 26, 1989: US04870287 (237 worldwide citation)

A proton beam therapy sysstem for selectively generating and transporting proton beams from a single proton source and accelerator to selected ones of a plurality of patient treatment stations each having a rotatable gantry for delivering the proton beam at different angles to patients supported in ...

Roy S Bass Jr, Arup Bhattacharyya, Gary D Grise: Non-volatile memory cell having Si rich silicon nitride charge trapping layer. International Business Machines Corporation, Mark F Chadurjian, September 26, 1989: US04870470 (235 worldwide citation)

A non-volatile storage cell comprising a field effect transistor having source, gate, and drain electrodes. The gate electrode includes a gate stack having a dielectric layer, a charge storage structure comprising a layer of silicon-rich silicon nitride having sufficient excess silicon to provide ap ...