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An intelligent portable interactive personal data system is disclosed. A microprocessor with memory is containted with a transaction card-shaped housing. An alphanumeric keypad and alphanumeric display is located on a surface of the housing. At least one port within the housing is provided for the i ...

Jacob Zabara: Neurocybernetic prosthesis. Norman E Lehrer, September 19, 1989: US04867164 (427 worldwide citation)

A neurocybernetic prosthesis for controlling or preventing epileptic seizures and other motor disorders includes a pulse generator which generates electrical pulses having a frequency of between 30 and 300 cycles per second, a pulse duration of between 0.3 and 1 millisecond and a constant current of ...

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A public key cryptographic system is disclosed with enhanced digital signature certification which authenticates the identity of the public key holder. A hierarchy of nested certifications and signatures are employed which indicate the authority and responsibility levels of the individual whose sign ...

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A broadcast data distribution system collects, edits, verifies, formats and distributes real-time (dynamic) and non-real-time (static) data.

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A method is disclosed to detect the presence of an analyte. The method involves forming a complex comprising the analyte and a binding entity. The binding entity comprises a first partner of an energy transfer system. The complex is then contacted with a reporting entity to form a unit. The reportin ...

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A surgical cutting instrument comprising an outer tube having a peripheral wall and a longitudinal axis. The outer tube has a plurality of openings arranged generally longitudinally along the outer tube. Each of the openings has first and second cutting edges defining portions of the periphery of su ...

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A backup computer power system for powering and controlling a computer which is otherwise powered by a main power source, when the main power source fails or is disconnected, wherein an auxiliary power supply provides power to the computer and an instruction set in the computer controllably shuts do ...

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Methods and apparatus are disclosed for determining oil saturation in sponge coring using solvents which dissolve substantially all of the oil but none of the sponge. Two classes of such solvents are specified. One is aprotic, and the resultant concentration of oil in it is measured by proton NMR sp ...

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A mouse for use in a video display system for controlling cursor movement on a display screen provided with feedback means which produces resistance to the motion of the mouse as the cursor moves across predetermined areas of the display screen. In its most straight forward realization it comprises ...

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Epithelial cells expressing foreign genetic material are described. The foreign genetic material can be DNA or RNA which does not occur in epithelial cells; DNA or RNA which occurs in epithelial cells but is not expressed in them at levels which are biologically significant; DNA or RNA which occurs ...