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An automated transaction system employs a terminal for printing a value indicia, such as a postmark, on an article. The terminal contains a modular printer unit which has a printhead and a dedicated microprocessor physically permanently bonded together such that the printhead microprocessor cannot b ...

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A apinal implant has an elongate body which is divided into two portions with mutually opposed contact surfaces and is for insertion into the joint space between two adjacent vertebrae. A cam device or cam devices are movable between the contact surfaces to expand or increase the spacing between the ...

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A synthetic intervertebral disc prosthesis, molded in the same shape and general dimensions as a natural disc which it replaces after removal of a damaged natural disc, is molded of a biologically acceptable, non-porous, preferably rubber or silicone-rubber compound in two halves, each half having a ...

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A tubular elastic sheath for a condom catheter, the sheath taking the form of a thin, flexible, cylindrical member of elastic material having inner and outer surfaces and being rolled outwardly upon itself to form a torus having successively larger turns. A thin, flexible, multi-layered tape is inte ...

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A method and apparatus for selectively sintering a layer of powder to produce a part comprising a plurality of sintered layers. The apparatus includes a computer controlling a laser to direct the laser energy onto the powder to produce a sintered mass. The computer either determines or is programmed ...

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This invention relates to a medical device and a method of using the device to deliver a continuous controlled supply of a medication to a specific internal site. Specifically, the invention comprises an inert, biodegradable implant impregnated with one or more therapeutic agents designed to provide ...

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This invention relates to a method for determining the nucleotide sequence of DNA an RNA molecules. The method is automatable and avoids the use of radioactive labels and gel electrophoresis. The method is also adaptable for introducing site-specific mutations in DNA and RNA molecules.

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An apparatus for noninvasive determination of constituent concentrations utilizing light wave absorption measurements and methods for processing signals generated by such measurements.

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A stapling instrument including two elongate structural members each comprising a handle part with a jaw part projecting from a first end. The structural members have pivot means at second ends of their handle parts adapted for free engagement and disengagement and relative pivotal movement of the s ...

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An instrument-supporting, articulated device has a distal end capable of supporting an instrument in the region of a surgical operating site. The device has at least one joint that supports a movable distal support element relative to a proximal support, the joint being associated with a mode select ...