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This invention relates to a process for amplifying a specific nucleic acid sequence. The process involves synthesizing single-stranded RNA, single-stranded DNA and double-stranded DNA. The single-stranded RNA is a first template for a first primer, the single-stranded DNA is a second template for a ...

Burton Richard William: End fire aerial.. Emi Thorn, August 30, 1989: EP0330303-A2 (142 worldwide citation)

An end-fire aerial (6) includes a broadside aerial array (7), for example a horn antenna. A block (9) of dielectric foam material extends outwards from the array (7), in a direction perpendicular to the array. The block (9) is designed to be of such dimensions, and of a suitably low dielectric const ...

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Disclosed is a brazed implement comprising a thermally-stable polycrystalline diamond compact, e.g. a compact of self-bonded diamond particles having a network of inter-connected empty pores dispersed throughout the compact, bonded to another of said compact or bonded to a cemented carbide support b ...

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Microspheres comprising polylactic acid and a water soluble physiologically active substance and having a mean particle size of from about 0.01 mu m to 300 mu m, which show not more than 30 % of an eluted amount of said physiologically active substance based on the content of said physiologically ac ...

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Three new and distinct heterodimers in the very late antigen (VLA) protein family are disclosed, namely VLA-3, VLA-4 and VLA-5, as well as monoclonal antibodies therefor. The N-terminal amino acid sequence for each of the VLA alpha subunits is also disclosed.

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A cDNA coding for human normal serum albumin A; an expression vector comprising the cDNA coding for human normal serum albumin A; a host transformed with the expression vector comprising the cDNA coding for human normal serum albumin A; and a process for the production of the human normal serum albu ...

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An intraocular lens (1) with chromatic and absorption-diagram correction, comprises: at least one inner body (2) of optically transparent material, having a substantially lenticular shape, and an outer body (3), also of optically transparent material, which substantially completely includes the inne ...

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In accordance with one aspect, the present invention is directed to a lubricating oil additive mixture comprising (A) a lubricating oil dispersant additive comprising at least one of (1) ashless dispersants and/or (2) polymeric viscosity index improver dispersants, and (B) a demulsifier additive com ...

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A simple and highly efficient method for cloning cDNAs from mammalian expression libraries based on transient expression in mammalian host cells has been discovered. Novel expression vectors allowing highly efficient construction of mammalian cDNA libraries are disclosed. The cloning method of the i ...

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An image encoding apparatus has a memory (12) for storing image data corresponding to an object for every frame, and a face region detecting circuit (15) for detecting a difference between input frame image data and preceding frame image data, and extracting image data of a face region of the object ...