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A method and apparatus for including a progressive jackpot component in a live casino table game. In addition to playing a live casino table game, each player makes an additional wager at the beginning of each hand that makes that player eligible to win all of part of a jackpot. If during the play o ...

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The present invention is directed to a packaged semiconductor chip which effectively dissipates heat and has improved performance. The packaged chip has a plurality of lead frame conductors extending through the encapsulating material which are adhesively joined to the semiconductor chip, preferably ...

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An addressable cable television control-system controls television program and data signal transmission from a central station to a plurality of user stations. The data signals include both control and text signals in video line format which are inserted on the vertical interval of the television si ...

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The apparatus of the present invention relates to a down hole tool capable of extraction of valid samples and making pressure measurements useful in calculating formation permeability. The tool incorporates the features of a staddle packing to allow formation fluid specimens to be taken at large flo ...

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A method and system is disclosed for reversibly establishing a closed, flow-impervious cryogenic barrier about a predetermined volume extending downward from a containment site on the surface of the Earth. An array of barrier boreholes extend downward from spaced apart locations on the periphery of ...

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The release of therapeutically active agents from controlled release bases is extended by using a combination of a higher aliphatic alcohol and an acrylic resin as the base material.

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A computerized transceiver repeatedly sweeps through a set of transmit/receive frequencies to interrogate collectively a plurality of groups of items in a stocking area. Items in each group are tagged with a printed circuit transponder tuned to frequencies uniquely assigned to each group. Data retur ...

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An ergonomically-shaped hand controller of the type commonly referred to as a "mouse", is specially configured to prevent or reduce hand muscle fatigue despite continuous use over a protracted period of time. A housing for receiving the anterior surface of the hand comprises an arched metacarpalphal ...

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Those portions (i.e., the inner lead portions) of the leads of a semiconductor device, which are sealed by a package, are formed with a plurality of depression in at least the surfaces and backs thereof such that the depressions have a smaller diameter at their bottoms than at their surfaces. As a r ...