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A variable interferometric device comprising a Fabry-Perot interferometer composed of a pair of reflecting substances facing each other with a space therebetween formed by spacers and a means for deforming at least one of the reflecting substances constituting said Fabry-Perot interferometer to ther ...

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The sensor and memory unit (30, 92 or 94) includes a sensor assembly (34) having at least one sensor (48, 50 or 96) therein and a memory (18, 22, 70, 98) associated and fixed therewith. In one embodiment the memory (70, 98) is mounted in a memory module (38 or 90) which is connected by a multiconduc ...

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A game system comprises a home video game machine in which a game is played and the ability of a character which appears in the game is calculated and set with the progress of the game in accordance with a predetermined home game program and a commercial video game machine in which a game is played ...

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A compact and economical probe unit has projecting electrodes for sensing minute voltage variations at spaced apart locations on a persons skin or other surface. Internal circuits generate serial form digital signals indicative of the voltage variations for transmission to a personal computer where ...

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A plurality of parallel processing elements are connected in a binary tree configuration, with each processing element except those in the highest and lowest levels being in communication with a single parent processing element as well as first and second (or left and right) child processing element ...

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A data communications system utilizes computer control at central and remote locations to provide general data acquisition and control functions as part of a cable television network. The data system includes a central data processor communicating with a plurality of remote data processors, each of ...

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The applicator is designed for easy assembly the joint being visible to the operator to ensure correct assembly and is provided with means for limiting movement of the operating head to prevent accidental over closure of a sterilization clip during entry.

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The specification discloses a modulated optical moisture sensor control circuit for a vehicle windshield wiper. The control system includes a first detector providing a signal indicative of moisture on the windshield and a second detector providing a reference signal indicative of system variables, ...

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A transducer assembly for visualization and treatment of transcutaneous and intraoperative sites includes in combination a visualization transducer and a treatment transducer, each of which are movable with both linear and rotary degrees of freedom. Movement of each transducer is by various motor an ...

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Disclosed is a cylindrical lens for use in a pair of sunglasses, comprising a unitary pane of transparent material curved about an axis and having a substantially constant radius such that the lens defines a portion of the wall of a cylinder. The arc length measured from a first distal end along the ...