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A device for sealing an opening or puncture in the wall of a blood vessel, duct or other lumen of a living being. The device includes an elongated tubular body having an outlet at the distal end thereof and which is arranged to be inserted, such as percutaneously, through the puncture in the blood v ...

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An electrode implantable in the brain or other area of neural activity to provide long term recording of electrical signals. The electrode comprises (a) a conducting wire, being insulated along its length except for a pre-determined area, for conducting an electrical signal to or from the body from ...

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A progammable intelligent reader unit receives drug data from hand held and fixed scanners which read bar codes in place on syringes, ampules, vials, vaporizer controls, flow meters, etc., from or through which drugs are administrered to a patient. A scale additionally provides a data stream to the ...

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An object-oriented, distributed data base system separates into a plurality of virtual partitions following communication failure between sites accessing the data base. Each partition accesses a separate copy of an initial data base and independently updates groups of data objects included in the da ...

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Microencapsulated drugs are employed for introduction into the chambers of the eye for therapeutic purposes. The administration of drugs is controlled and maintained for long periods of time, while ensuring the substantial absence of significant levels outside the site of administration.

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In a controlling apparatus of a manipulator equipped with a master arm and a slave arm, a processing device is provided for effecting scale conversion calculation of a calculation result representing the position data of the master arm for expansion or reduction, and for outputting the result of thi ...

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An integrated computer implement work area has a rail typically in a wall panel for supporting an articulating arm and another rail for supporting one or more work surfaces. The articulating arm supports a video display terminal for movement toward and way from the rail as well as vertically with re ...

Aurelio Chaux: Sternal retractor. Pilling Co, Howson & Howson, August 1, 1989: US04852552 (170 worldwide citation)

A sternal retractor for use in internal mammary artery dissection comprises a rack bar having fixed and movable spreader arms, the blade-carrying parts of which are rotatable to, and lockable in, several discrete positions. The blades are carried by slides on the spreader arms, and are pivotable abo ...

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A device for aiding a nurse in the preparation and set-up of intravenous therapy. The device has a backing plate with a backing layer of adhesive for securement to an IV pole, the backing plate being made of a flexible material so that it may be wrapped about the IV pole. A frustro-conical hollow me ...

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An electronic camera system, which system comprises the combination of an image digitizer media and a digital signal storage media. The camera includes an x-y matrix formed of a thin film photosensor array of small area photosensitive elements capable of providing high resolution digitized electrica ...