Parmentier Philippe: Process for manufacturing a three-dimensional fibrous structure for the purpose of the subsequent production of a piece in a composite material and a machine for carrying it out. Carbone, July 28, 1989: FR2626294-A1 (24 worldwide citation)

The manufacture of fibrous structures. The process is characterised in that it involves: - making the connection of the laps by the needling of the surface part or surface parts corresponding to the geometry of the preform to be obtained, - and cutting the preform in relation to the non-needled supe ...


Eymard Michel, Mollard Daniel, Belval Jean Francois de: Boot binding for a ski, monoski or snowboard. Lauzier, Eymard Michel, July 28, 1989: FR2626189-A1 (15 worldwide citation)

The binding comprises, for immobilising the boot, a front clevis 7 and a rear clevis 10 with cam 12 which are mounted pivotably, respectively, on two slides 6, 9 which can be moved in the longitudinal direction on the same elongate mounting plate 1. Adjusting screws with manoeuvring head 16 make it ...

Himmel Rafael, Ben Yaakov Yaacov: Pivot pour dent. Compodent Research Applic, July 28, 1989: FR2626167-A1 (14 worldwide citation)

L'invention concerne les pivots pour dents.Elle se rapporte à un pivot comprenant un corps allongé au centre duquel est placé un fil ou un filament 16, éventuellement formé d'un métal. Le filament central est entouré d'une résine synthétique moulée, avantageusement chargée de fibres. Si le pivot doi ...

Grollier Jean Francois: Procede de teinture des fibres keratiniques et composition de teinture mettant en oeuvre un derive dindole, un colorant quinonique et un systeme oxydant. Oreal, July 28, 1989: FR2626173-A1 (13 worldwide citation)

Procédé de teinture des fibres kératiniques et composition de teinture mettant en oeuvre un dérivé d'indole, un colorant quinonique et un système oxydant inorganique.

Brayer Jean Charles, Jumelle Francois, Broutard Jean Claude, Maestro Francois, Cornic Michel, Senni Claude, Gueguen Jean: Modular hip prosthesis. Cremascoli, July 28, 1989: FR2626168-A1 (13 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a hip prosthesis, of modular type, designed to be adapted to the individual geometrical characteristics of each joint to be operated on. The prosthesis comprises a rod 1 of appropriate length, whose upper part comprises a housing for a collar 14 which is designed to receive ...

Poli Bernard, Chincholle Gerard: Apparatus for lifting silicon wafers, in particular. Recif, July 28, 1989: FR2626261-A1 (13 worldwide citation)

The apparatus is noteworthy in that it is shaped in order to permit the positioning and the centering of a basket receiving the wafers in an ordered manner, so that a part of the base of the said wafers is capable of interacting with a movable member 2 suitable for displacement in translation and an ...

Grillot Didier, Perier Bernard, Proust Jerome: Process and device allowing the hinge of a seat to be locked or released. Tubauto, July 28, 1989: FR2626154-A1 (13 worldwide citation)

The process and the device according to the invention concern a hinge for seats having a back and seat cushion hinged in relation to each other and allowing the slope of the back to be adjusted and then the hinge to be locked in the desired position. It comprises two cheeks 1, 5 hinged to each other ...

Chasseguet Gustave: Torsion damper with viscous damping and double damping flywheel including such a damper. Valeo, July 28, 1989: FR2626337-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a damper with viscous damping 33 provided with radial fins 31, 32. According to the invention, the damper is characterised in that the cavity is partially filled with a fluid so that, after a defined angular deflection between the two parts, it passes from an air thr ...

Self-locking descender for controlled descent down a rope. Petzl Ets, July 28, 1989: FR2626184-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

A self-locking descender 10 includes a pair of parallel flanges (side plates) 14, 16 having a fixed transverse spindle 22 on which is mounted rotationally a plate 20 equipped with three studs 24, 26, 28 for guiding the rope 12 through a half-turn. The intermediate stud 26 is coaxial with the spindle ...