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A surgical cutting instrument comprising an outer tube having a peripheral wall, an end wall and an opening in the peripheral wall and the end wall. The outer tube has first and second cutting edges defining portions of the periphery of the opening, and the cutting edges intersect at an angle of at ...

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A flexible hollow organ, especially a vascular prosthesis intended for implantation in the human or animal body parts. The hollow organ includes a flexible prosthetic tube serving for a throughflow of a medium or which consists of such a prosthetic tube. A wall of the prosthetic tube exhibits at lea ...

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The invention provides a surgical implant in the form of a stud for anchoring in a hole formed in bone. The stud has an elongated cylindrical body which is tubular and which has a head at one end and a passage along its interior. A pin is insertable into the passage from the end having the head to e ...

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Low defect density oxides suitable for use as thin gate oxides or in charge storage capacitors are described. First and second layers are formed on a substrate with misaligned defect structures. A third layer is then grown by diffusing a species through the first and second layers to the substrate. ...

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An apparatus and method are provided for disabling the clocking of a processor in a battery operated computer during non-processing times. The clocking is disabled at the conclusion of a processing operation. The clocking can then be re-enabled using interrupts from any one of a plurality of sources ...

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An inexpensive injection device is provided which is manufactured of plastic components, and is adapted to fit various syringe sizes. The injection device is spring loaded, and provides a firing barrel which, in the cocked position, is offset slightly from the central bore of the device.

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A cartridge 444, 644, 744 is adapted for mounting upon a receptacle 442, 642 in a parenterial fluid administration set 420 for delivering a drug or other beneficial agent to a patient. The cartridge 444, 644, 744 includes a beneficial agent-containing chamber 606 slidable from a first, pre-use posit ...

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A rotary cylindrical sputtering system incorporates separate, separately-controlled linear magnetron sputter cathode and reaction zones for sputter depositing materials such as refractory metals and forming oxides and other compounds and alloys of such materials. The associated process involves rota ...

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A method for specifically and sensitively detecting, identifying, and quantitating any non-viral organism, category or group of organisms containing ribosomal RNA in a sample is disclosed. The nucleic acids of the organisms present in the sample are brought together with a marked probe comprising nu ...

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The invention concerns the esters of hyaluronic acid in which all or only a portion of the carboxylic groups of the acid are esterfied, and the salts of the partial esters with metals or with pharmacologically acceptable organic bases.