Charles Sperry
Charles Richard Sperry, German Gavronsky, Talat I Pinarer: Apparatus and method for forming foam cushions for packaging purposes. Sealed Air, LU NING, July 19, 1989: CN88107888

A method and apparatus is disclosed for successively forming foam filled bags or cushions of the type wherein a foamable composition is deposited in a plastic bag. The method and apparatus includes advancing a pair of plastic webs through the nip of a pair of drive rollers, while heat sealing the op ...

Vincze Bela, Deniega Jess, Pedlick Jack: Pneumatically actuated surgical stapler head.. Ethicon, July 19, 1989: EP0324636-A1 (393 worldwide citation)

A driving mechanism is provided as a means to clamp and implant surgical staples pneumatically. First, one pneumatic line propels a clamping piston to clamp the tissue and to propel a driving piston into position to be fired. Then a second pneumatic line causes the driving piston to propel a driver ...

Peters Ronald Lee, Peters Rudolph, Taylor William: Method and apparatus for storing dispensing and applying surgical staples.. Weck & Co Edward, July 19, 1989: EP0324166-A2 (309 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for storing, dispensing, and applying surgical staples includes a pistol-like tool (21) having a handle portion (22) with a manually movable trigger lever (28), and a rotatable barrel portion (23, 24, 26) with a staple track for storing staples in parallel, stacked, column fas ...

Schulze Dale, Vincze Bela, Bedi James, Deniega Jess, Pedlick Jack, Fox William: Surgical stapler pressure regulator.. Ethicon, July 19, 1989: EP0324637-A1 (218 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling instrument is provided which employs a highly pressurized gas as its source of energy. The highly pressurized gas is conducted to means for indicating the presence of the pressurized gas and to a pressure regulator. The pressure regulator controllably develops gas pressurized to ...

Vincze Bela, Deniega Jess, Pedlick Jack: Pneumatic surgical stapler connectors.. Ethicon, July 19, 1989: EP0324635-A1 (179 worldwide citation)

A pneumatic connector for a surgical stapler is provided to enable interconnected parts of the stapler to be rotatable with respect to each other while maintaining the fluidic integrity of a plurality of pneumatic lines passing through the connector. One pneumatic line is connected to pass through t ...

Bedi James, Vincze Bela, Deniega Jess, Schulze Dale, Pedlick Jack, Fox William: Surgical stapler safety and sequencing mechanisms.. Ethicon, July 19, 1989: EP0324638-A1 (171 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling instrument is provided having safety and sequencing features to mandate proper operation of the instrument during surgical clamping and stapling of tissue. The instrument is powered by pressurized gas, and includes a manual control for supplying gas to a clamping mechanism in the ...

Carini David John, Wong Pancras Chor Bun, Duncia John Jonas Vytautas: Angiotensin ii receptor blocking imidazoles and combinations thereof with diuretics and nsaids.. Du Pont, July 19, 1989: EP0324377-A2 (169 worldwide citation)

The invention encompasses a pharmaceutical composition comprising a diuretic or a non-steroidal antiinflammatory drug, a pharmaceutical suitable carrier and an antihypertensive and processes for production of these compositions.

Jorgensen Knud Elmer: Wrapping, particularly for potted plants. Jorgensen Knud Elmer, July 19, 1989: GB2212136-A (97 worldwide citation)

A truncated conical wrapping for a potted plant (13, 14) comprises two layers of foil (1, 2) welded together along the sides at (3) and along the bottom (6, 7) at (4, 5), V-shaped cut-outs (10) in the bottom form two side flaps (6) and an intermediate piece (7). When a pot is lowered into the wrappi ...

Bebbington Christopher Robert: Recombinant dna expression vectors.. Celltech, July 19, 1989: EP0323997-A1 (91 worldwide citation)

The invention provides expression vectors containing the promoter, enhancer and substantially complete 5'-untranslated region including the first intron of the major immediate early gene of human cytomegalovirus. Further vectors including the hCMV-MIE DNA linked directly to the coding sequence of a ...

Tekamp Olson Patricia: Improved expression and secretion of heterologous proteins in yeast employing truncated alpha-factor leader sequences.. Chiron, July 19, 1989: EP0324274-A1 (90 worldwide citation)

A yeast a-factor expression system is provided comprised of a truncated leader sequence, containing the a-factor signal peptide and one glycosylation site, linked by a processing site to a non-yeast protein-encoding sequence.