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A portable handheld terminal (20) including optical bar code reader apparatus. A housing (22) having first and second spaced apart, opposing major surfaces (24,26) extending longitudinally between first and second end portions (28,30). A handle portion (40) being interconnected to the housing (22) a ...

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The stapler and staple cartridge described herein comprise those suitable for stapling a patient's mesentery and omentum with three or four rows of staples being substantially parallel to each other and the staples in one row being staggered with staples of the same size in another row, there being ...

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A device for transluminal implantation of a substantially tubular, radially expansible prosthesis (2), comprising in combination such prosthesis (2) and concentric therewith a flexible probe (1) with means (200) for maintaining said prosthesis (2) in a radially contracted state and for releasing sam ...

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A device for quantitatively measuring the relative position and orientation of two bodies in the presence of metals via measuring the position and orientation of receiving antennae with respect to transmitting antennae utilizing direct current electromagnetic field signals is hereby disclosed. The t ...

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Novel electrical heater which are self-regulating as a result of appropriate combination of a constant current or constant voltage power source with a resistive heating component and a temperature-sensitive component. Preferred heaters comprise a plurality of heating units, each of which heating uni ...

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There is disclosed a system for providing an economical telephone toll service in which a telephone subscriber selects the economical service by, for example, sending an appropriate signal, and then dials his directory assistance call or other telephone toll call. After the caller's options are dete ...

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A hydrophilic, segmented polyether polyurethane-urea that exhibits an increase in tensile strength and elongation when wet with water and is capable of forming visually clear films permeable to water vapor is disclosed.

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A medical electrode assembly for use with a medical device for monitoring electric impulses from a patient, comprising an electrically conductive lead wire, a connector electrically joined to a first end portion of said lead wire, electrically conductive hook fasteners electrically secured to a seco ...

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An apparatus and method for measuring high temperatures in a boiler transmits pulses of acoustic waves, from one side wall of the boiler to an opposite side wall thereof. Acoustic noise within the boiler, as well as the transmitted pulses of acoustic waves are received at the opposite side of the bo ...

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A smoking device for releasing an aerosol into the mouth of a smoker comprises in combination, a chamber into which a mixture of air and a liquid aerosol precursor is introduced, a heat source surrounding the chamber, a first duct providing communication between the chamber and a smoker's mouth, whe ...