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Apparatus and method for using an image of the human body to control real time computer events wherein data regarding a participant are acquired through any means of imaging without marking the participant or requiring that he or she use or wear a stimulus source, sensing device or special clothing. ...

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Method and apparatus for classifying broadcast information first receives the broadcast information and processes it to provide a plurality of a low bandwidth analyzed waveforms. The analyzed waveforms are used to generate a spectragram which is then compared with a plurality of reference spectragra ...

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A network of individual lottery systems, for example a national network of state lotteries, each of the state lotteries operating independently using data entry and validation stations for accepting player data and having independent structure for selecting individual winners based upon coincidence ...

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The invention concerns a process for the permanent attachment or joining of threadlike or small ribbonlike elastic elements to a flat substrate by means of an adhesive that is characterized by the fact that one disposes, or fixes, in the desired position, one or several threadlike or small ribbonlik ...

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A method is disclosed for the preoperative planning of a total knee replacement. Guide tools having guide members which are adjustable for placement on selected positions of the femur and tibia are used for locating the position of desired bone cuts defined by a cutting guide surface existing on the ...

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A sewing machine for forming stitches in a substrate, for example, in forming stitches in tissue during surgery, comprises a needle for passing thread into the substrate from one side thereof at a first location and for withdrawing the thread from the substrate at a second location spaced from the f ...

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An array of miniature ultrasound crystals mounted on preassembled subassembly which is, in turn, mounted on a small lumen catheter provides dimensional and other quantitative information relating to arterial wall geometry and character at disease or obstruction sites. Balloons also mounted to the ca ...

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A one-way septum valve in a connector device to maintain sterility is provided. The device prevents the backward flow of blood and body fluids through the connector to an injection device such as a syringe, I.V. unit, and the like.

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The embodiment discloses a method and means for partitioning the resources in a data processing system into a plurality of logical partitions. Host control code may be embodied in programming, microcode, or by special hardware to enable highly efficient operation of a plurality of preferred guest pr ...

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An atherectomy system for cutting, ingesting and removing an obstruction from within a patient's artery, having a flexible guide-wire insertable into the artery, a flexible rotary catheter being rotatably disposed and insertable into the artery over the flexible guide-wire, a blade at a distal end o ...